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MGA Examining Cryptocurrency Application

MGA Examining Cryptocurrency Application

The value of Bitcoin recently skyrocketed to well over $14,000, and regulators around the globe are finally beginning to realise that this valuable cryptocurrency could have a myriad of lucrative applications within their respective jurisdictions. The MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) is one of these regulators, and being one of the more progressive iGaming regulators in

Is Canada Heading Underwater?

Canada under water

With all the modern developments in the world, there is one aspect that a lot of people don’t like to think about too often. Global warming is believed by many experts to be the single biggest threat that humanity faces today, whatever climate change denialists may say. The most dangerous aspect of climate change is

NASA Taps into Geek Resources

NASA: Programmers in demand

The days of geeks existing on the margins of society are long gone; for many people they are the new studs of our time. Look no further than The Big Bang Theory television show to see how society is starting to view brains and not brawn as the key strength in this day and age.

Mega Moolah Strikes Twice In Just 2 Weeks

Mega Moolah Strikes Twice In Just 2 Weeks

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive slot is probably the most famous progressive game among those who are looking to win life-changing cash prizes. Now, the infamous slot has paid out its Mega Jackpot for the second time in just two weeks, making its latest winner a whopping €938,306 (CAD$1.41 million) richer. The latest jackpot was awarded

Phil Ivey Partners With Poker Start-Up

Phil Ivey Partners with Start Up Poker

Poker icon and professional player Phil Ivey has graced news headlines recently for all the wrong reasons, having just lost his battle against London’s Crockfords Club casino after the establishment accused him of cheating his way to millions’ worth of winnings using the controversial edge sorting technique. However, now Ivey has been involved in a

The Stars Group Launches Stars Mega Spin

The Stars Group Launches Stars Mega Spin

Toronto-based online casino and poker operator The Stars Group has gone from strength to strength since rebranding from Amaya to its new brand identity, which reflects its most successful offering: PokerStars. The company has now launched yet another exciting game at its PokerStars gaming platform this month as well, giving players plenty to look forward

Travelling to Mars Colonising A New World

Colonisation of Mars on the horizon

When people in England first decided to journey out and create a new, independent colony, they couldn’t have known what was to come. There would have been no way to know whether they would ever see their homes and loved ones again, and to make this uncertain trip would have cost them their life savings,

The Stars Group Enjoys Constant Q3 Growth

The Stars Group Enjoys Constant Q3 Growth

International online gaming tech developer The Stars Group is Canada’s shining star when it comes to the provision of casino gaming services, going from strength to strength since its recent rebranding. Now, the firm has announced that its group revenues have grown by a whopping 21% in Q3 this year, up considerably over the figures posted

Scientific Games Gets Great Q3 Results

Scientific Games Gets Great Q3 Results

In a report published earlier this month, Las Vegas based global gaming giant Scientific Games announced a 7% year-on-year increase in revenue to US$768.9m at the end of the third quarter of 2017. The product and services supplier primarily chalks up this achievement to the overall increase in international gaming, lottery and interactive activity over the

How Cryogenics Could Allow Humans To Achieve Eternal Life

Cryogenically frozen bodies on display

Humans have long been obsessed with the idea of eternal life. Cultures around the world have created legends and stories around the concept for thousands of years: the Chinese have the legend of Chang’e and the elixir of life, the ancient Greeks wrote poems on Tithonus and his pleading with Zeus in order to become