Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions |

Here at we realise that we haven’t addressed all things related to this industry. For this and many other reasons, we’ve decided to address some of the more relevant, at times simple and often overlooked questions that players may have.

How old do I have to be to play online casino games?

This is actually a very valid question to ask. Canada’s laws around the legal age limit to play casino games vary from province to province. At times the age to gamble will correspond with the age to drink, which is 21. Gambling age limits, depending in the province will either be 18, 19 or 21. In terms of playing at an online casino, the generally accepted and allowed age is 18.

Can I play for free?

Yes. Playing for free is allowed and you can do this via an online casino (desktop PC gaming) or a mobile casino (smartphone gaming). Internet casinos generally offer their games in a demo mode. In some cases registration is required before testing the games and in other cases it’s not. That said, you can play in demo mode and get a feel for the games or games.

Will I receive a bonus?

Online and mobile casinos alike will provide first time players with what is often referred to as the Welcome Bonus. This bonus is often sizable and is once-off offer. You cannot receive it twice. The Welcome Bonus is usually a match offer, meaning you put down, you get something in return. The bonus itself can usually amount to anything between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand.

Is it legal to play from Canada?

There is no definitive law making it illegal to play at an online casinos or a mobile casino; the two are fundamentally the same. There are no specific laws prohibiting Canadians from playing on sites hosted outside of the country, although no Canadian companies can host these activities or provide such services to the domestic market. The online casinos themselves must be regulated and in the case of Canada, if approved by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or one of a similar ilk, then the operator can serve the Canadian market.

Can I use one account to play on my PC and my phone?

 Yes, once you’ve set up you casino account, you can use it when playing via your PC or when playing on your smartphone. Once account is interchangeable between devices, Just always remember to keep your account information safe and private.

Are my banking details secure?

Yes. Our online casinos are not allowed to share any of your private details and are fitted with all the required and latest security protocols to ensure that all your transactions are safely conducted. 128 and 256 Bit Secure Socket Layer security protocols are used at the casinos that we endorse. This means that when you submit any banking info, it remains between you and the casino.