Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud is considered to be the best online casino game for all types of Poker enthusiasts. This is because it combines the best aspects of all the different variations of the game with improved chances of winning and the ability to place side bets. In Canada, the live version of Caribbean Stud is gaining in popularity with players able to go head to head with real dealers in a realistic gambling environment.

How the Game Works

Live Caribbean Stud is an online casino Poker variant that is played at sites that offer live dealer gaming. As with all live dealer titles, it is played directly against the dealer, in real time using video streaming technology. Unlike Blackjack though, an unlimited number of players can join in for each session. Virtual betting software is used to place wagers using virtual chips while an in-game chat window can be used for chatting to the dealer, as well as to the other players around the table.

Placing the Ante Bet

In this version of online casino Poker, the game starts with the placement of the ante bet. A timer will appear on screen, displaying the time left join the round. After the initial wagers are placed, the dealer will commence with the first deal. Unlike other Stud games, there is only one deal and 2 chances to bet. In the first deal, the dealer will deal you 5 cards face up and himself or herself 5 cards face down, with the final card facing up.

Caribbean Stud Strategies

This is where the strategy comes into play. As with other online casino games Canada, you have the option of folding or placing a play bet. The idea is to analyse your hand and decide if it is strong hand or week hand. You can also compare it to the dealer’s showing card. From there, you can decide if it is worth the risk to continue or to fold and forfeit your ante wager.

All hands are possible here including a High Card, A Pair, Three Of A Kind, Full House and so on. You only need to have a better hand than the dealer to win. It is important to remember that the dealer only qualifies if he or she has a hand with a King and an Ace, or anything higher. This reduces their chances of coming out ahead. So, in this case, even a high card of an Ace is worth taking the risk, as the dealer might not qualify.

The strategies for Caribbean Stud vary depending on your playing style. If you are a cautious online casino Poker player, then it is best to wait for a strong hand and a time when the dealer is showing a low card. High risk strategies involve playing most hands and taking the risk of the dealer not qualifying. After all decisions have been made, the dealer will flip over the down-facing cards and the hands compared.

The 5+1 Bonus Bet

If you enjoy placing side bets, Live Caribbean Stud is certainly the best online casino game for you. The most popular side wager is the 5+1 bonus. When placed, this runs independently from the main hand and can win regardless of what happens in the main game.

The aim here is to create the highest 5-card hand using your 5 cards along with the dealers showing card. The payouts depend on the quality of your hand. The minimum payout comes from making 3 of a kind. Get anything higher and the payouts will increase accordingly. So even if the dealer beats you with a Full House, you can still pull in a win on 3 of a kind if this side wager is in place.

One of the most exciting online casino games Canada has to offer, we suggest you give it a try if you love the thrill of fast-paced, big winning live entertainment!

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