Live Casino Hold’em Poker

Our commitment to helping you enjoy the best online casino games in the country is not limited to reviewing the top sites for you to find them at. We also give you guidelines on the games themselves, from online casino Poker to slots. One of the most popular Poker forms in recent years is Live Casino Hold’em, and you can learn all about it here.


Authentic Action with Complete Convenience

Live dealer entertainment is getting better and becoming more commonplace all the time, and are now some of the greatest online casino games Canada has available. These titles allow you to play anywhere and anytime, with the same bonuses and lack of crowds that make virtual gambling so great, while still delivering life-like experiences and social interaction.

In this best-of-both-worlds scenario, professional dealers use real equipment, and everything is streamed back to wherever you are thanks to a high-quality video feed. Many world-class developers supply the sites we showcase, so you can be sure that as with every other category you will be playing only the best online casino games if you follow our recommendations.

How To Play

These tables are a twist on Texas Hold’em, and you are pitted against the dealer rather than fellow players. You can still speak to other enthusiasts, so the feeling here is still really sociable. Playing is a little simpler than in the Texas original, making this version a perfect introduction to more complex Poker-based online casino games Canada loves so much.

The first thing you need to do is place an Ante bet. After this, you and the dealer will each get 2 cards. At the same time , 3 Community Cards are placed on the table, facing up. Once you’ve seen your cards and their Community counterparts, you need to decide whether to Fold, forfeiting your stake, or continue and place a Call Bet.

If you choose to Call, your new wager has to be at least double what the Ante was. An extra 2 Community Cards are also dealt, and the dealer’s cards are shown. The dealer hand has to qualify by being made up of at least a Pair of 4s, or the round is over. In the case of a qualifying dealer hand, this online casino Poker game continues.

The Best Hand Wins

In the next round, the highest-rated hand that can be made with any combination of 5 Community an own-hand cards is determined for both you and the dealer, and then these results are compared. If your hand is better you win, and part of your Ante Bet is returned.

The portion of your Ante that you get back is calculated according to what the final hand is actually made up of. Your Call wager is paid out at the same time, at a rate of 1:1. If your hand is the lower one you lose everything, and if the hands tie both of the stakes you placed are pushed. In the event that the dealer hand does not qualify, your Ante is returned in the same way as it is when you win.

Extra Thrills with Side Bets

As an added perk, these versions of Poker always offer side wagers, the first of which are attached to progressive jackpots. They are calculated independently of the main events, and are based on the hand created by combining all 5 Community and your own 2 cards.

A Royal Flush gets you the cumulative reward, while other results can win smaller prizes. The other side bet option here is known as the AA+, and is based on the same 7-card combination. You’re paid out smaller amounts, on more possible configurations.

That’s pretty much all there is to it – but you’ll soon see how irresistible Live Casino Hold’em is! Having you go head to head with a dealer is a clever adaptation of Texas Hold’em to be suited to live dealers, and shows how many of the best online casino games can be adjusted to be enjoyed this way.

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