Live Games - Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is often considered to be the best online casino game for both Blackjack and Poker enthusiasts. This is because it combines aspects of both titles into one exciting and fast-paced card game. While the electronic version of Three Card online casino Poker is certainly popular the live dealer version adds yet another dimension with players able to test their skills against real dealers in a live gambling environment.


The Basics Explained

For those who have never played before, live Three Card Poker is a card game played at Internet gambling establishments equipped with a live dealer function. As mentioned above, it is a kind of hybrid between classic 5-Card Stud and Blackjack, with a few added betting options thrown in to boost the excitement winning opportunities. This online casino Poker game is played on a half-moon shaped table with the dealer sitting behind the table and the various betting options laid out in the middle.

Placing the Ante Wager

The live version is able to accommodate multiple players that all face off against the same dealer hand. The software also allows players to chat to the dealer and other players via the built-in chat window.

At the start of each round, players must place the ante bet. This can be any amount up to the table limit. A timer will appear on screen giving you an indication of how much time is left to place your bet. Once all the bets are placed, the dealer will deal you 3 cards facing upwards and himself or herself 1 card facing up.

Playing Strategies

As with most online casino games Canada, there is a little of bit of strategy involved in how play should proceed. The idea is to analyse your 3-card hand and compare it to the dealers showing card. If you have a particularly strong hand such as a pair of Kings or 3 of a kind, you can place the place a bet that is exactly double the ante bet amount. Alternatively, if you have a very low scoring hand of a high card and the dealer is showing a face card, you have the option of folding and forfeiting your ante bet.

If you choose to carry on with the play bet, the dealer will reveal his or her remaining two cards to complete the hand. The dealer must quality with a queen high or better. If your 3-card hand trumps the dealers hand, you win even money on your ante and play bet. If the dealer wins, you lose your ante and play bet.

Optional Side Bets

There is another reason why Three Card Poker is rated as the best online casino game. In addition to the standard betting options, you also have the option of placing any 1 of 3 bonus bets. The first is the Ante Bonus wager. This runs separately from the main bet and will pay out if you achieve a straight or better. The second is the Pairs Plus wager. This is a very popular option as it will pay out even if the dealer beats your hand. Here, you are paid out if you are dealt any matching pair.

Some online casino Poker suppliers offer a third optional bet called the Six Card Bonus. Again, this wager pays out regardless of whether your initial hand is a winner. In this wager, you are combining your 3 cards with the dealers 3 to create the highest 6-card hand possible. Payouts are made for hands with 3of a kind or better. The higher your hand, the more you are paid out.

If you’re looking for something different in the online casino games Canada has to offer, you cannot go wrong with this one! It’s fast, fun and potentially very lucrative.

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