Definitive Guide to Online Bingo for CA

Bingo is a fun and popular game which has been played for many years in community halls, but now the main venue for most bingo enjoyment is online. Since the first online casino went live in 1994, the internet has become a veritable playground for every kind of online casino game imaginable, and while bingo isn’t an online casino game per say, many players in Canada enjoy playing bingo online at their favourite online casino.


Owing to the immense popularity of online bingo, we have put together this definitive guide to playing bingo for real money and players in Canada should pay special attention to the bingo strategy section in order to increase the chances of success. We take the online casino business very seriously at and take pride in educating players on every aspect of the industry.

How to Play Bingo for Real Money

The first step to playing bingo for real money is to choose a bingo site or an online casino which offers bingo amongst other traditional casino games. If you aren’t sure which the best online casinos for bingo are, be sure to take a look at our recommendations to find the best online bingo sites. Once you have created an account and made a deposit you will be ready to start playing online bingo! Each site will offer instructions on playing, especially if multiple variations are offered, but here are the basics of playing bingo online.

  1. Buy your game cards: each card purchased will have a certain amount of numbers on it and in order to win you will either have to mark off all the numbers on the card, or mark the numbers in a specific pattern, but this will depend on the variation chosen.
  2. The numbers will then be called, and players are prompted to mark the corresponding number on their card if their card contains the number.
  3. If you are able to mark off the numbers called in the specified pattern on your card, then you have BINGO!

Online Bingo Variations

30 Ball Bingo: also known as ‘speed bingo’ as it doesn’t take very long to play just 30 balls. The game card consists of 3 columns and 3 rows for a total of 9 numbers. 75 Ball Bingo: the most popular variation amongst players in Canada, and most sites will offer a multitude of games in different varieties and themes. The game card contains 5 columns and 5 rows, for a total of 25 squares. 80 Ball Bingo: specifically developed for playing bingo online and 80 Ball Bingo has proved to be very popular. The game card is made up of a grid of 4 columns and 4 rows for a total of 16 numbers. 90 Ball Bingo: games generally consist of 3 rounds and the game card is usually made up of 15 numbers with 5 numbers in 3 rows, spread randomly across 9 columns.

Winning Strategy for Online Bingo

If you’re hoping for success with bingo for real money, you’re going to need some tips for strategy.

Tippet’s Bingo strategy: British statistician L.H.C. Tippet came up with a theory to increase the chances of success with 75 ball bingo. His theory states as more balls are called, the closer the numbers will get to the median (the number halfway into the set) which in this case is 38. If fewer balls are called, then the probability of numbers being called which are further away from the median increases, meaning the numbers will be closer to 75.

Finding Best Online Bingo Sites

As the popularity of playing online bingo has increased over the years, many sites which are dedicated solely to playing bingo have cropped up. These sites have become immensely popular amongst players in Canada as not only do these online bingo sites offer bingo in a multitude of themes and variations, but they have also recreated the social aspect of the original game by including player chat options. Players are not only able to chat, but they are also encouraged to do so, and many sites are focused on helping players make new friends and connections.

If you haven’t as yet found a site for playing bingo online, we suggest that you take a look at our recommendations for the best online bingo sites. If you also enjoy other online casino games as well as bingo, we suggest you take a look at our list of recommendations for the best online casinos for bingo as we will only ever recommend reputable operators which are fully-licensed and regulated!

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