What is a Scratchcard?

In its simplest form a scratchcard is a paper or plastic card witch contains hidden information, while the texture of the card is usually composed of latex and the idea is to scratch this layer from the card to unveil a potential prize. Today’s cards are layered in an environmentally safe coating which is something that wasn’t always the case. In fact, back in the 1980s scratchcard’s were coated in an unsafe chemical coating, but this has been done away with. Plus, if you’re really environmentally conscious and scratchcard games are your thing then you’ll love playing them in the online space where it’s all virtual, where you can play a lot more in one sitting and where your odds of winning are better.


Are Scratchcards Considered Gambling?

In a word, yes. Any game with an unknown outcome upon which money is placed can be considered gambling. Scratchcard gaming is considered as a form of gambling but as opposed to being labelled as conventional, the term often associated with it is ‘soft gambling’. In other words, it’s viewed in a lesser light and more in line with harmless fun.

Online Scratchcards

Like all casino games, scratchcards have been shifted into the online space and for smartphone users, on to the mobile web. The progression of scratchcards from being physical cards you could buy in a corner café to ones you can play online has been that of a natural process. It certainly has improved an already existing popularity and on top of this, online scratchcards are more easily accessible and offer much more themes and versions. With more options to choose, online scratchcards provide a diversified portfolio of fun and a game in which you can set the pace. Plus, they’re quite inexpensive too, making them ideal for Canadian players who would rather spend less money while gambling online.

Scratchcard Availability

Canadian mobile casino players are all allowed to enjoy online scratchcards as are all players from around the world. Thanks to the simplistic beauty of online scratchcards, their availability is widespread and they have the popularity to match. All reputable mobile and online casinos are registered with gaming authorities like the MGA from Malta or other territories like Curacao and Kahnawake, and through these territories can offer scratchcard games to various regions around the world.

Where you can Play

Scratchcards are pretty much universal when it comes to where they can be played. However, don’t just go signing up at any mobile casino or online casino unless they have the proper credentials. The last thing you need is signing up with a rogue operator who will refuse to pay your winnings or close overnight! The good thing is you’ve found yourself here at Casino.ca and this means that you’ll only receive informative information on valid and legal online casino operators. Take a gander at our list of the Best Online Casino Selection and know that no matter which one you pick, if you’re looking for online scratchcard games, you’re going to find them.

Popular Scratchcard Games

Online scratchcard games offer great diversity in terms of themes and even in the way the games work. The basics are of course the same – scratch to reveal at least three like images to win real money. The same theory can apply to an online video slots game – you spin the reels and you hope to win, yet there are so many different ones to choose from. Popular online scratchcard games include ones like Bubbles, Hall of Fame, Zodiac Slot, Hand to Combat, Cashapillar and Lucky Numbers.


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