Online Video Poker

Video Poker is a fantastic game for players of all ability, whether you’re new to Casino gaming or you’re a total pro. The rules are straightforward, the action is incredibly thrilling and the rewards can be enormous. It’s a game where skill can really play a part, so learning the basics are key to winning the big bucks. Although based on variations of the popular Casino game Poker, Video Poker only really came into being in the late 1970s but has quickly become one of the most popular Casino games and, subsequently, most played online Casino game.


The rules are fairly simple: players are dealt 5 cards and are given the option to Hold any of the cards that they want to keep, and swap the cards that they are less useful. When the discarded cards have been switched the player will hopefully have formed a valuable Poker hand, which can be matched against the Paytable on the screen to discover how much will be paid out.

The Paytable will update depending on how much you choose to wager, so calculating the possible rewards of the hand you’re aiming for is always easy. In addition to the basic rules of online Video Poker there are several additional variations that are included in some editions of the popular game. The most common of these is the inclusion of a “Gamble” option, which allows players the chance to triple their winnings or lose them altogether. You can try Video Poker now for free at to see what you think; if you like it, why not visit one of our top recommended Casinos and have a go playing for real money?

Video Poker Options

Some of the amazing types video poker games for you to enjoy include the following titles:

Live Dealer Poker

One of the biggest innovations made in the world of online casino gaming would have to be the recent introduction of live dealer casino software. It’s a new way of playing that has revolutionised the internet casino gaming industry and given it even more relevance than before. In the past, online casino gaming meant enjoying games made up purely of software and pixels. Put another way, online casino gaming is purely digital. This was until live dealer casino games came on to the scene and for the first time, gave players the opportunity to play real, genuine casino games while still enjoying their creature comforts.  One of the games that game with this new way to play was live dealer poker. Imagine poker in a land-based casino. Do this and you can imagine what it’s like playing live dealer poker. It’s often been said that one of the main reasons people would rather play online video poker has to do with the privacy and the lack of intimidation.  Live dealer poker is the real thing minus the intimidation.

Yes, you’re looking at a real dealer and yes it’s all taking place in real time, but you’re still at home and it’s just you and the dealer, despite there being other players at the table. Live dealer poker combines digital casino technology with new technology and gives you the most realistic casino games to date. Live dealer poker is just of many newly available live table games that you can play this very instant.

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