Jenga Online Slot

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a few decades, you’ll be very familiar with Jenga: the endlessly entertaining block-stacking game in which you have to remove blocks from anywhere on the tower and place them on top. Whoever topples the tower loses. In the Jenga online slot version of the game, the concept is much the same, except this time you stand to win some hefty prizes.

Developed by Cryptologic, the Jenga online slots game is one of the most unique online gaming experiences you’ll encounter, and if you’re one who enjoys playing online slots for real money, we recommend getting your game on with this title, which is available to play at Leo Vegas Online Casino. Let’s look closer and see how this online slot game stacks up!


Rather than make use of regular reels, the Jenga Online Slot presents you with a colourful Jenga tower. Pressing the spin button will see the loose bricks being removed and re-stacked on top. The colours include purple, green, orange, yellow, red, white and blue – each with different values. Instead of having symbols which have to line up in various combinations across a number of different paylines, winning in Jenga simply involves matching up 3 blocks of the same colour in order to be awarded a prize.

There is a ‘bonus brick’ in the game, which functions in much the same way as a Wild symbol would in a regular video slot – it changes the colour of adjacent blocks so as to help you form winning combinations. Landing a ‘layer bomb’ will see that entire line of the Jenga tower exploding in order to land you some really fantastic wins. Unlike the regular game of Jenga, collapsing the tower will actually see you being rewarded in the form a Free Spin – if spin is indeed the word we can use for a game as unique as this.

The Jenga Online Slot may seem a little confusing and daunting to a player who is more familiar with the reels and symbols dynamic of online slots, but the colours and soundtrack of this title are sure to keep you amused and enthralled long enough to figure it all out in no time. And the game definitely presents a fresh new face to the world of online winning.

Where to Play

Jenga is available to play at Leo Vegas Online Casino, along with a host of other brilliant titles from Cryptologic. New members are welcomed with an exceptional bonus offering, as well as Free Spins! If you’re one who enjoys playing online slots for real money, then create an account today and get your game on! Apart from Jenga, there are loads of other online slots games, table games and more. Signing up is quick and easy, and you’ll be watching those winnings roll in in no time!


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