Know Your Slots Odds and Differences

If you are a fan of online slots games and love to play, you will have a far more rewarding experience when you know the different types of slots and what they offer. Slot games have come a long way from what they were originally and while the classic ones still exist and are just as popular as ever, there are loads of additional fun and fantastic features now too. No skill is needed to play slot games and win, as random number generators determine the outcomes. This is the technology used to produce the winning combinations and to ensure that fair and unbiased results are always attained. In order to increase your odds of winning you must therefore play as much as possible by stretching your bankroll as far as it can go, know what features to take advantage of and play slots that have high payout percentages.


All slot games come with a payout percentage. This is simply the amount that is paid out in the form of winnings compared to the amount that has been bet on the particular slots game over a specific period of time. Some popular types of slot games that offer unique and potentially rewarding features are multiplier, multi-line and progressive slots. It is important to know the differences between them and what they offer in terms of winning potential, or what their odds are.

Multiplier Online Slot Games

Multiplier slots are rewarding in that the more you bet, the more you win. This means the slots odds are quite good! The coin payouts are typically proportional to the coins bet. An example of this would be that if betting one coin and wins two, betting five coins would result in 10 coins won. Basically, a specific number or the number of coins that are bet multiplies the winnings.

These types of slots encourage players to bet the maximum amount because the main jackpot prize is the only payout that exceeds the amount in proportion to the bet. This means that any bet less than the maximum will receive a jackpot prize but it won’t be as much as if the maximum bet was placed For example, a jackpot win of 100 coins may be given on a one coin bet but if two coins were bet then the payout would increase to 500 coins. Theoretically the payout percentage decreases when anything less than the maximum bet is played.

Multi-line Online Slot Games Explained

Multi-line slots are typically found amongst the classic types of online slot games. They are usually simple games with few features, as the main focus is on the payouts and winning combinations. Multi-line online slots tend to have three reels and three, five or nine paylines. Only one coin can be bet per payline and the paylines work in a progressive manner where another coin bet will activate the second payline and so on. Each payline pays out the same amount for winning combinations but these are small wins in comparison to the major fixed jackpot amount.

This amount can only be won on the final payline, which means the maximum bet of activating all of the pay lines must be placed.  The slots odds in these games are quite good, and players will reap the rewards of smaller, more regular payouts.

The Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Any kind of slot game can have a progressive jackpot. In these games a small percentage of every bet placed is added to the jackpot amount, right up until the moment one lucky player wins it. The winner wins the entire amount, which could be anything more than the amount the jackpot always starts at. After the win, the jackpot resets to its fixed minimum amount and starts growing again with every bet placed.

A progressive jackpot is typically a massive amount and has some sort of requirement to make you eligible to win. This could be placing the maximum bet or achieving some sort of bonus feature. Progressive jackpots can be linked to one particular slot game, over multiple slots at one particular online casino or they can be linked to online slot games over a larger network such as a variety of slot game titles from one particular software developer. The slots odds of winning in a progressive jackpot game are not high, but if you do, your life could change in an instant!

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