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Vegas Strip Blackjack was born on the famous Strip in Las Vegas. It is a variant of American Blackjack and became popular on the Strip, which resulted in the game becoming further widespread across America, and eventually the world. This Blackjack variant is today incredibly popular, both at land based casinos, and online. If you are looking for great quality Vegas Strip Blackjack, then have a look at our selection of online casinos offering this great gaming variant. We guarantee they are the top casinos around, and there is nowhere better to play!


An Excellent Casino Game to Start With

Vegas Strip Blackjack is a fantastic choice of variant because it has one of the lower house edges amongst all Blackjack variants. Its house edge comes second to the classic version of Blackjack, which is incredibly low. In fact, with the edge sitting at just 0.53%, you have an excellent chance of being paid out. Playing Vegas Strip Blackjack online comes with the added advantage of having this game available in a wide range of betting limits, so everyone can enjoy it regardless of their budget. The typical pay out for a Blackjack hand is three to two, but some online casinos may have a pay out of six to five. It is widely recommended that insurance bets are not taken when playing this variant of Blackjack.

What Makes Vegas Strip Blackjack Different?

Vegas Strip Blackjack is much like classic Blackjack where the goal is to hold a hand valued higher than the dealers, but not go over the value of 21. 21 is the ideal hand that will win over anything else and a value of 21 made from an ace and a royal card is a Blackjack hand, which is the most valuable of them all. The differences between this variation and classic Blackjack lies in slight details such as the number of decks played with and small variances to certain rules. Anyone with a basic understanding of classic Blackjack will have no issues with learning the rules of this one.

How to Play Vegas Strip Blackjack?

An interesting aspect of Vegas Strip Blackjack is that unlike classic Blackjack, it is played with four decks of playing cards. It is a hole card game, which means the dealer is dealt two cards, one of which is face down. This card is called the hole card and only becomes visible on the dealer’s round. The dealer can however peek at the hole card if the visible card is an ace or a 10 value. The dealer is allowed to do this to check to see if he or she holds a Blackjack hand. The dealer must always stand on a soft 17. This is a hand valued at 17 that includes an ace valued at 11.

The fixed rules for Vegas Strip Blackjack are that there is no surrender and that a player can double down, but only on the first two cards that are dealt and doubling down after splitting the initial cards is allowed. Any ace cards can only be split once, and only one card is taken when aces are split. Any ace and 10 value cards on a split are considered a Blackjack hand. Regular cards can be split up to four hands in total. Two cards with a 10 value, even if they are not the same, can be split. This means a hand consisting of a 10 and a queen card can be split. Give this exceptional casino game a go at any of the sites we recommend and see if you can get the winning hand.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Side Bets

Add extra intrigue and excitement to your gaming by placing the side bets that are available in Vegas Strip Blackjack. These wagers are independent of the main game, and pay out whatever happens in the round.

You'll see various side bets depending on which casino you are playing at, but the most common is Perfect Pairs. Here, you are paid out if the first 2 cards you are dealt are a Mixed, Coloured or Perfect Pair. The house edge is much steeper than in the main game, at around 6%, but if you win you could get paid out as much as 50x your total stake. As always with casino games, greater risk means the potential for bigger rewards!

Top 5 Casinos for Vegas Strip Blackjack

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