AR Set to Transform iGaming Industry

Augmented reality, or AR, is one of the newest and most gripping trends in the world of virtual casino gaming. Virtual reality has been around for many decades, but only recently has the VR/AR trend truly taken off with audiences on a global scale. While augmented reality has certainly improved the offerings of the gaming industry as a whole, the AR movement could also have lucrative and transformational effects on the gambling industry.

AR mobile games like Niantic’s Pokémon GO have given a new meaning to mobile game play – and now it seems that players simply can’t get enough of the new technology. Now, the gambling industry is taking to the trend as well for a number of reasons. AR is a method of gaming that engages players’ emotions, involves them on a fundamental level, and focuses on their individual preferences.

This is big news for iGaming, as the latest attempts to engage Millennial players have been focused on more engaging games and skills-based styles that allow them to become more involved with what they play.

Augmented Reality Offers Ideal Marketing Capabilities

As well as injecting excitement back into the industry, AR can also be used to deliver personalised, catching messages to a tech-oriented audience. This makes it an excellent source of advertising for gambling operators and also allowing them to offer bonuses and promotions that are more engaging than ever before. Using AR for marketing allows for greater personalisation, an improved social aspect, novelty, and ultimate accessibility. The socialisation aspect of AR gaming also allows players to share their experiences and content with others, which both adheres to recent trends and provides operators with another valuable form of marketing.

AR and AI Combination Boosts Player Satisfaction

The addition of artificial intelligence elements into AR will also make it easy for casinos to offer their players personalised content based on the games and promotions they already enjoy. Being able to analyse player data will also help operators to better understand their player base, which could lead to an evolution in the iGaming offerings currently on the market towards those that appeal to a much wider audience. Finally, personalised touches like AR virtual assistants can be totally customised to each player’s tastes and can offer game suggestions, tips, and lifelike interaction with players for an added level of realism.

Furthermore, touches like these add a much-needed element of personal and emotional engagement to the iGaming market, which has been shown to boost player retention and overall player satisfaction in numerous studies. Simply put, augmented reality is here to stay – and in the not too distant future, Canadian players could be enjoying a whole new era of casino gaming with more customised and appealing offerings than ever thought possible.

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