Atari Inc. Mastermind New Global Gaming CEO

Briony O’Neill -

In any industry, but more so in an industry facing many challenges pushing in from all angles, experience in business is worth its weight in gold. Global Gaming Technologies, specialists in Blockchain technology and crypto-based currencies, is obviously well-versed in the many challenges associated with the management of human resources, as experience, more than anything else, was and is the driving force behind the appointment of new company CEO Nolan Bushnell.

If Bushnell’s name sounds familiar, then it’s most probably because he wasn’t only the man behind the famous Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre Chain, but he also founded Atari Inc.

Bushnell A Wealth Of Experience

Bushnell is experienced in the field of Blockchain, having previously been at the executive steer of X2 Games Corp, a subsidiary of Global Gaming Tech. Based in Vancouver, Global Gaming’s new chief appointment coincides with a current deal in the process of acquiring Videre eSports Corp.

The acquisition stands central to Global Gaming’s virgin venture into the highly competitive and rapidly expanding world of professional video gaming, better known as eSports. Videre eSports Corp holds various intellectual property brands on its list of impressive assets, including a proprietary eSports betting brand scheduled to launch during Q2 of the current year.

The acquisition is being completed by means of Global Gaming acquiring all outstanding common shares as well as those already issued.

eSports Is The Way Forward

The agreement entails Videre merging with a Global Gaming Technologies wholly-owned subsidiary, and the combined entity will continue to trade under the name of Videre eSports corp. Videre will in effect then operate as a subsidiary of Global Gaming Technologies.

Commenting on the mid-process acquisition deal, Bushnell said that it was no secret that eSports was the way of the future. He referred to the young audiences, the massive prize pools and the highly entertaining games, and said that any industry hoping to attract the attention of millennials would be foolish not to realise that eSports stood at the centre of any possibility.

Bushnell closed off by saying that making use of Videre’s existing platform and technology made perfect business sense, and provided the ideal in-road into the world of professional video gaming. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details