Atlantic City Heist Inspired By a Movie

The owner of the brand-new Atlantic City casino, Ocean Resort (OR), recently suffered a fate eerily similar to the casino in the popular film by the same name. According to sources who have opted to remain anonymous, Bruce Deifik and his wife Nancy were staying in the resort’s presidential suite in late October, when someone had managed to gain entry into the suite as well as make off with jewellery belonging to Nancy to the value of nearly $1 million.

According to a prominent and well-known New York Post journalist, the similarities between the Bruce and Nancy robbery and the hit film Ocean’s 8, starring big industry names such as Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock, are just too good to have been mere coincidence. In fact, journalist Richard Johnson is now convinced that the theft was in actual fact inspired by the motion picture.

Did Ocean’s 8 Strike Again?

Sergeant Kevin Fair, spokesperson for the Atlantic City police force, confirmed that a robbery was being investigated but declined to wager a guess at whether the crime was inspired by the film, which, if the similarities were found to be more than just coincidence, would in all probability mean that the crime was committed by 8 very smart, beautiful and charming female burglars.

Needless to say, in history there have been many attempts at casino heists at various locations all over the world. The general modus operandi has always been a stick-‘em-up kind of deal or a semi-successful inside job. But this time round, police were unable to even find a trace of DNA present at the scene of the crime.

Very Hollywood-like indeed.

A Glorious Charade

There have however, been a couple of exceptions to the rule. Of these, the story of the son of a Las Vegas Judge, Anthony Carleo, was arguably the most worthy of the silver screen of all. Carleo raced up to the Bellagio’s valet stand on his Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle and then onwards into the casino, waving a round a gun for intimidation and effect. He then proceeded to loot in excess of $1.5 million in chips from the venues high-stakes Craps tables, before taking his leave on his two-wheeled getaway vehicle.

The really brazen bit is that he checked into the Bellagio shortly after, and proceeded to live a life of luxury thanks to his high-roller status which was of course gained by his having gambled away with the Bellagio’s own chips.

Carleo was eventually arrested on the casino floor and sentenced to more than 16 years behind bars. Not exactly something that Danny Ocean would have been very proud of.

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