Big Winners: 2017’s Luckiest Slots Players

Practically every online casino player dreams of taking a spin on their favourite slot and being made into an instant millionaire. While it might be just a dream for many, there were plenty of casino players who had just such a lucky break in 2017 – and a few of them claimed jackpots so huge this year that they managed to break world records as well! At the very start of 2017, a punter at BGO Casino began this year’s winning streak by triggering an unbelievable jackpot of CA$11,281,462 on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams slot.

The player, who was identified only as Wellzyc, a father of two based in Cheshire County, UK, confessed that his first plan for his new fortune was to take his family on the ultimate trip to Disneyland. Just days later on January 16, a player at Captain Cook’s Casino also made headlines with a sensational $9,222,952 win on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive slot.

Known as NC, the player had just signed up for a casino account when he won while playing with his welcome bonus cash of €5. Using a wager of just €0.50 per spin, NC was able to make his dreams come true – once again while playing from his mobile device, in this case a tablet.

Tipico and Paf Players Win Huge

A Paf Casino player was next to make headlines, again with a Mega Fortune Dreams win valued at $8,042,322. The winner this time was a 62-year-old Finnish woman, who managed to trigger the win on a €1 wager. Her first plans for her new fortune was to take a long-awaited vacation with her husband, although it did take her a while to recover from the shock of winning such a massive sum! A couple of months later in April, and a Tipico Casino player was next to make headlines with his Mega Moolah jackpot from Microgaming. Triggering a life-changing $12,157,796, this winner managed to scoop the record for the largest ever payout in an online casino, all with a wager of €6.25 on his mobile device.

Mega Moolah Strikes Once Again

And now, just a few days ago, it was reported that Microgaming’s prized Mega Moolah slot has paid out yet another huge jackpot of $5,499,918. Interestingly, this payout is still below the slot’s average payout per win, but regardless, the latest winner was no doubt thrilled to be taking home a multi-million prize just before Christmas. All of these unbelievable jackpots go to show that anyone, anywhere can strike it lucky while playing online slots at a reputable casino. As most of these prizes were won on mobile slots, it’s also evidence that players can expect the same great payouts via mobile as they can online. Go forth and get playing - you might just start your new year off on a high note!

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