US Sports Betting Prompts Canada to Rethink Laws

The US sports betting market literally exploded from its launch pad like a rocket into space. Legalisation had been a long time coming, and thanks to relentless efforts on the parts of lawmakers, and especially the state of New Jersey, PASPA was finally abolished by the US Supreme Court halfway through 2018. Needless to say, this has had a tremendous effect on the US economy. And yet, neighbouring Canada has not shifted as much as an inch in a similar direction with its own legislation.

As a result, Canadian casinos, especially those situated near the US border, are in for a rough ride as punters are now crossing over into the neighbouring United States for their weekly fix. Needless to say, those who are crossing over to indulge in a bit of sports betting fun are also eating and drinking and shopping and making merry. All of this, especially in the long run, is bound to have a detrimental effect on the coffers of Canadian entertainment businesses, as well as on the general well being of the broader economy.

Economy Will Have Final Say

It’s not as if no thought whatsoever had been spared in favour of legalising sports betting over the course of the last decade. In fact, government came very close do doing just that on two separate occasions. A fear of match fixing in professional sports has always dealt the final deathblow to the proceedings, and placing bets on single matches had as a result remained illegal and punishable by law according to the country’s criminal code.

The realisation that the legalisation of sports betting in the US is already having a negative effect on the local economy is now just starting to set in, and this is bound to become an even more pressing issue as time progresses.

Times Are Changing

Industry experts hold the opinion that Canadian lawmakers will re-assess the situation and that new laws may be implemented as soon as during the course of the current year. Canada is a sport-loving country; all the more reason for the legislation to change in support of a legalised market.

The US serves as a good example of the levels of success that can be achieved when archaic laws that no longer have a place in modern society, are struck down for good.

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