Canadian Wins Party Poker Main Event

In the latest casino news, Canadian professional Jean-Pascal Savard has won the recent partypoker Million North America CA$5,300 Main Event. The player’s win is the largest in his career thus far, with Savard beating 1,168 competitors and taking home an exceptional $956,050, and the trophy.

The Main Event was played in several stages, beginning with Day 1 and Phase 1, which were held both live and online at the Playground Poker Club. The players that made it past Phase 1 gathered at the event’s Montreal venue to compete for the grand title. The final table was played on the event’s fifth day, by eight finalists headed by Ari Engel.

Engel won the MSPT Milwaukee $1,100 Main Event just last month - however, while the trophy would have been an impressive addition to his accolades, it was Savard who ultimately claimed the title.

Rayan Chamas First Player To Be Eliminated

Day 5 saw over 52 hands of cards being dealt before the first of the eight finalists was eliminated. Facing Savard head on, Rayan Chamas was the first player to go, enjoying an impressive prize pool of $80,000 for his efforts. After another ten hands, it was Matthew Waxman who was eliminated next, winning $110,000 after going up against Niall Farrell.

After that, the pace of the event slowed down somewhat, with another thirty hands dealt before Farrell went bust in a game with Savard. Farrell’s finishing place of sixth earned him an impressive pot of $160,000. Multiple Canadian tournament winner Ari Engel was the next to go, finishing at a respectable fifth place, and next was Louis Boutin after going all-in against Philippe D’Auteuil. Engel won a significant $283,350 prize for his efforts.

Savard Raises to $33 Million and Wins

D’Auteuil became the next player after Engel to be eliminated, with both he and Boutin being taken down at the hands of Jonathan Bussieres. While Bussieres secured his place as one of the final two, Boutin and D’Auteuil claimed their $335,000 and $450,000 shares of the prize pot, respectively. Finally, the Partypoker tournament boiled down to just two remaining players: Savard and Bussieres. Savard showed favourable odds already, holding 747 millions’ worth of chips against his competitor’s 395 millions’ worth.

The players agreed to split the remainder of the prize pool with $693,950 for Bussieres and $791,000 for Savard – and a final $165,000 and a trophy set aside for the ultimate winner. After 21 more hands, Savard triumphed, raising to 33 million before a flop while Bussieres took the opportunity to move all in for 444 million. Savard quickly called it, stacking up his [Ac][Jh] against Bussieres’ [Qc][Jc]. The deciding factor was a blank [7c][3s][3d][9d][Ks] table, which won Savard the partypoker Million North America CA$5,300 Main Event title.

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