Daniel Negreanu and Friends Plan To Save Calf

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and that is often the case when it comes to stories involving Canadian poker star Daniel Negreanu. It was recently reported that a calf managed to escape a slaughterhouse in Brooklyn – and now Negreanu and Instagram star Dan Bilzerian are plotting to rescue the bull and give it a new lease on life. The escaped calf has shot to stardom by causing havoc in Prospect Park, creating some trying situations for residents.

One young girl even ended up in hospital with a black eye and a cut lip, leaving authorities flummoxed as to how to handle the escaped bovine. The cow’s story was published on the New York Daily News website, and quickly generated plenty of attention from fascinated readers. After all, it isn’t often that a calf saves itself from a sticky fate by breaking out of a slaughterhouse and choosing its own route!

Negreanu, Perkins and Bilzerian Offer To Contribute

Among those to take interest in the story about the brave young calf were several well-known poker players, including local legend Bill Perkins. It was Perkins that first commented on the story, calling on Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu to ‘go halvsies’ (that is, to each pay half) for the purchase of the cow, relocate it to a farm, and allow it to live out the rest of its life in peace.

Dan Bilzerian soon joined the conversation too, offering to contribute some cash towards the cause by paying half for the gutsy cow. Daniel Negreanu suggested a three-way split on the cost of the animal, and after a Twitter exchange between the three poker professionals, the players soon came to an agreement that would rescue the distressed animal.

Vegan Negreanu praises ‘total badass’ calf’s bravery

It is difficult to tell whether the three players are serious about rescuing the cow, or whether they were simply playing a prank on their many followers by offering to save the animal. However, Perkins, Negreanu and Bilzerian have plenty of money between them, and Canada’s Negreanu is also a passionate vegan and outspoken animal lover – meaning that the calf may have hopes of being saved from the slaughterhouse after all.

Negreanu has also shared his opinion about the calf’s feat of bravery, labelling the animal a ‘total badass’ and revealing admiration for its actions. With this in mind, it isn’t difficult to imagine the three wealthy poker celebrities setting aside a small portion of their fortunes to help an animal in need and give the calf a new lease on life.


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