Good Friday And Easter In Canada

Briony O’Neill -
It’s almost time for Good Friday and Easter again, and since this time of the year marks an important and significant time for many Canadians, we’re going to take a look at a bit of history.

Good Friday, Easter and Easter Monday are traditional days on the annual calendar for Christians and people of many other religions alike. For Christians, Good Friday and Easter have their roots in the death and resurrection of Christ, the Redeemer. As such, Good Friday and Easter are crucially important times within the context of being a follower of the Christian faith.

A question often asked by many is why the annual dates for Easter don’t fall on the same dates every year. Since Good Friday and Easter are predominantly celebrated for their special meaning by Christians, it makes sense that the very first church council should have decided how and when these days are to be celebrated.

In 325 AD, the (Christian) Council of Nicaea ruled that Easter should every year be celebrated on the Sunday that follows the first full moon created by the spring equinox. This means Easter Sunday will always be celebrated between March the 25th, and April the 25th.

This year, Good Friday falls on April 15, Easter on April 17th, and Easter Monday on  April 18th.

The Canadian Way

Canadians each have their own unique and special way of celebrating this time of the year.

For Christians, it is traditional to attend a church service on Good Friday as well as on Easter Sunday. Easter Monday is observed as a day of rest. But for all in Canada, celebrating these days occur much in the same way as in most other western countries around the world.

Easter egg hunts, too, are a popular activity. This activity has its roots in the fact that eggs are considered a symbol of the forming of a new life.  For this reason, the Easter egg is probably the symbol most associated with Easter for Canadians. For Canadians who observe the Christian faith, the Easter egg is also a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Other popular Easter-inspired symbols include the Easter Bunny (bringer of Easter eggs), flowers, and chicks.

Casino Games To Play At Easter

Easter has also become a popular theme for online casino games. Today, online gaming enthusiasts can take their pick from a massive selection of Easter-inspired online slots and other games.  

Two of the most popular online casino games inspired by this time of the year are Crazy Time (Evolution) and Battlestar Galactica (Microgaming).

Evolution’s Crazy Time

Live casino specialists Evolution’s Crazy Time is a popular game to play on Good Friday and Easter.

The game takes on the form of a television gameshow and features a Wheel of Fortune from where potentially huge cash prizes can be won.

Microgaming’s Battlestar Galactica

Microgaming’s Battlestar Galactica is every bit as popular as Crazy Time, and draws its inspiration from Easter, science fiction, and the famous television show of the 2000s with which the game shares its name.  

This is a game packed with special bonus features and is engaging as well as potentially life-changing in terms of wins.

Celebrate this Easter your way, and if you enjoy playing at online casinos be sure to do so responsibly. The top-rated sites that we recommend all advocate responsible gaming practices and if you need assistance, they can help. Gambling should always be fun!

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