Focus On Mobile Gaming at 2017 VR/AR Gambling Conference

The upcoming VR/AR Gambling Conference 2017 is already attracting attention from iGaming industry members across the globe. The conference brings together all manner of professionals from the VR/AR (virtual reality) sector in order to collaborate and share their skills in designing new technologies in this exciting field. This year’s gathering is set to be held on 3 April 2017, and will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. It is open to any industry members and evangelists who wish to delve deeper into the world of alternate reality technology, and will especially highlight the rapidly growing field of mobile VR gaming solutions.


Conference to Include Developer and Business Streams

The conference will be split into two main sections; the Developer section for companies and individuals involved in the innovation of iGaming software and more, and the Business section for providers of the software such as marketers and operators. Representatives of the marketing and operator companies who attend the VR/AR Gambling Conference this year will be able to learn about the latest tech novelties, receive updated analytical data in the field, and discover new ideas for the promotion and development of their businesses. They will also be able to establish partnerships and networks with other members of the industry, and form a clear vision of how to monetize VR/AR technologies in a more practical iGaming application. The Demo zone will allow companies to showcase their latest ready-made VR products and explain new industry developments.

Participants May Join VR Projects, View New Innovations, and More

The content of the event will assist guests in efficiently creating and developing new approaches to innovative VR gambling technologies. A main focus of this year’s conference will no doubt be the massive rise of mobile gaming, with plenty of new mobile VR game blueprints and designs awaiting visitors early this month. Another large part of the event will be a zone dedicated to networking. Here, participants will be able to opt into existing VR casino projects, test new novelties in the VR/AR field, and even get a glimpse into exclusive new products that are soon to hit the market worldwide.

The Business section of the event will kick off with guest speaker Samuel Huber, the CEO of Advir, who will discuss the ‘immersive media revolution’, namely, how VR is changing the face of gambling advertising for good. The event is being organised by Smile-Expo, a company with 11 years of experience in holding major iGaming and gambling exhibitions and conferences across Europe, Asia and Russia.

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