Foreign Suspect Nabbed for Money Laundering

Police in Western Canada have arrested an Australian citizen due to allegations that he may have masterminded a plan that laundered millions of dollars in cash through land-based casinos. The suspect is also alleged to have laundered this money across three different continents, with arrest warrants out for him in multiple countries.

A report from the Australian Associated Press was published by the Daily Mail, offering insight into the arrest. Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police apprehended Dan Bui Shun Jin at the River Rock Casino Resort in Vancouver late in May, following an undercover surveillance period that the police force conducted alongside associates in Australia and the United States.

Over $650 Million Laundered

The AAP reported that the 55-year-old suspect is believed to have laundered over $653.16 million using casinos in Australia, as well as carrying out similar operations at casinos in Macau and Singapore. He also has a US arrest warrant out for him on fraud charges, which are based on allegations that he took part in the laundering of around $1.07 million through casino establishments in Nevada.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in a recent statement, Jin is alleged to be an ‘international money launderer’ who is under investigation from Australia, Macau, Singapore and the US. Local police recently noted that a search of the suspect’s room at a BC casino uncovered $57,700 in cash and documents that linked the individual to illegal money laundering, including a recent scheme to move funds through Vancouver International Airport.

Airport Operation Raises Red Flags

The airport scandal involved the use of an anonymous female courier who transported $19,000 in notes from Las Vegas to Vancouver before delivering them to Jin’s temporary Canadian address. According to the police, this woman was instructed to collect the cash from an unidentified man at a Las Vegas parking lot and directed to deliver the cash to Jin at the River Rock Casino in British Columbia.

The AAP also explained in its report that last Wednesday, the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board issued the Australian national with an order of deportation. However, it is far more likely that he will now remain under police custody until he is officially charges and extradited back to his home country.

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