Quebec Players Habits Under the Spotlight

Players from Quebec love to gamble. According to a recent study performed by the Public Health Department, a single player’s annual spend at the gambling parlours that are overseen by Loto-Quebec, often reaches the CA3,000 mark. Players appear to have more confidence in the locations overseen by the provincial crown organisation, resulting in the bulk of the money being spent at Loto-Quebec outlets.

The massive sums of cash spent at these specific outlets represent record numbers when considering what players spend at alternative locations and on other types of games. This is a cause for concern for the public health administration departments in Quebec.

According to Jean Francois Biron, the numbers indicate a major surge of money spent at the mentioned venues when compared with date that was gathered during previous years.

Surprising Results Emerge

The information was gathered by means of an online poll as a well as a telephonic survey and the aim was to gain some insight into the spending habits of individuals, and specifically for the period running from November 2017 up until March 2018. The results are quite staggering, especially when noting the difference between what people spend on other streams of games services, in comparison with Loto-Quebec’s outlets.

Most players spend an average of CA222 per year on traditional Lottery games. Compared to the CA3,000 spent at the outlets in question, it makes for quite a big difference.

Government Concerned Over Findings

In addition to the large sums of money that players are spending at the crown-managed outlets, they also tend to frequent the more than 12,000 video Poker machines that are installed in bars and gaming halls all over Quebec City and Trois-Rivieres. These machines, above all else, seem to be the most popular forms of gambling. Their high visibility factors continue to draw the attention of more and more players, who are then quick on the approach but not quick to leave. These often result in players being completely out of pocket.

Online gambling also appears to be an increasingly more popular avenue of choice. Of the 10,005 people who participated in the survey, at least 65% had participated in gambling activities since the beginning of 2018. The majority of that percentage named online gambling as something that they regularly engaged in.

The findings are a source of concern for government, and players are urged to make use of the support hotline offered by Loto-Quebec.

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