GVC Boosts Commitment to Responsible Gambling

In a show of firm commitment to the fight against problem gambling, online betting and entertainment company GVC Holdings has pledged long-term involvement and financial support to the US National Council on Problem Gambling.

The company has been offering its support to both ends of the spectrum, having been actively involved in the growing and development of the sportsbetting industry in the US ever since betting on amateur as well as professional sports was legalised a number of months ago. In order to achieve this, the company has partnered with industry-giant MGM Resorts International and has established a $200 million joint venture fund in order to bring about a functional sportsbetting infrastructure in the United States.

Money Put To Good Use

The funding has been earmarked to assist the National Council on Problem Gambling in its endeavours to create a better awareness around problem gambling, as well as to provide the financial assistance needed to promote healthy practises across the country. Most prominently, the study will provide the necessary resources needed for the establishment of a foundation for a better national understanding of problem gambling. Additionally, this will also provide a valuable information hub for industry investors.

The identification and eradication of potential problem areas is crucial in order to inspire investor confidence in any given industry. The willingness on the part of investors to invest is directly influenced by the knowledge available concerning a specific industry dynamic.

GVC An Experienced Partner

The NCPG’s Executive Director, Keith Whyte, has commented on the partnership and the operator’s involvement. Whyte said that the organisation wished to welcome GVC Holdings to what is known as the President’s Circle. Whyte said that the organisation held the operator in high regard, and believed that its extensive experience in the entertainment industry would greatly aid the formation of a national standard in responsible gambling.

GVC Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Alexander said that the operator’s involvement and investment in the fund was the result of the company desiring a safe and secure playing environment for its customers. Alexander emphasised the fact that the company’s contribution to the fund served to confirm its commitment to safe and responsible play.


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