How to Survive Canada’s Snowy Winters

Winter in Canada is beautiful, but it can cause a lot of problems too. Luckily, there are lots of devices and life hacks to help people get through the snowy seasons. We’ve rounded up the best selection of them for you, and you can read about them all here.

Protecting and Caring for Your Car

Keeping your way of getting around in tip top shape can be tough in the dead of winter, but there are some great products and tricks for doing just that:

Touchscreen Gloves

One of the biggest frustrations in winter is how cold your hands get. You can keep them warm with conventional gloves, but this makes performing various tasks very difficult. You can’t, for example, operate a touchscreen if you’re wearing ordinary gloves because they are blanketed with electrodes. They require a conductor such as human skin to come into contact with them to complete the circuit, and the materials in normal gloves just don’t cut it. That’s where touchscreen gloves come in. Touchscreen gloves are made of materials that are good electrical conductors, emulating the properties of human skin and completing circuits in the same way. Wearing these allows you to play at your favourite mobile casino, update social media, answer emails and use your smartphone for all your normal activities even when you’re outside in the dead of a Canadian winter.

Other Helpful Hacks

Plenty of day-to-day tasks are more challenging when the temperature is below zero, and people have come up with some ingenious ways to cope. The best life hacks for winter in Canada or anywhere else in freezing cold temperatures include:

Vitamin D, essential for many bodily functions including a stable and happy mood, is produced by your body after you’ve been in the sun and many people become deficient during the winter months. Take a supplement to ensure you stay smiling!

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