IGT Adopts New Approach To Casino Business

Leading Lotteries and casino services provider International Game Technology (IGT) has released the details around its new recently adopted business and leadership strategy. “Streamlined” will be the official new approach, which according to IGT will focus on the core and primary business segments of the company.

The purpose of the adoption of a streamlined approach is rooted firmly in the so-called ‘personal touch’. IGT says that this is an approach that will hopefully enable them to not only adopt a culture greater responsiveness toward casino operators and players, but to also bring about a more in-tune approach the supplier’s B2B and B2C product category channels.

Keeping It Simple

And so, what IGT is basically doing get back to basics. And since simple is believed to mean stronger and more focused and streamlined, these are exactly the commercial qualities the company hopes to achieve.

But that IGT has for as long as memory serves maintained only the highest levels customer-service and customer interaction is of course also true. A “customer-first” mentality, said IGT at the time of the latest big announcement, will ultimately position the provider in such a way that it’s perfectly able to meet the ever-changing demands of a dynamic, global, and very discerning casino industry and its players. A more focused approach, said CEO Marco Sala, is and will remain the key to customer-driven success.

From A Practical Point Of View

The new simplified structure is in force with immediate effect. And its implied a couple of significantly sized changes all throughout the supplier’s internal commercial structure too. Since IGT’s two main segments of business have been identified as Lottery segments and casino gaming segments, IGT has considered it best to appoint a separate divisional CEO for each of the two segments. Renato Ascoli will serve as the CEO of IGT’s gaming segment, and Fabio Cairoli will do the same for the duration of his time in charge of the supplier’s Lotteries segment.

Both segments will have access to all business segments and resources and corporate support functions previously enjoyed by IGT’s combined effort. Each will have sufficient autonomy in order to manage its entire arrangement of business and operating activities from an independent point of view as far as the decision-making process is concerned. The individual business segments will furthermore be supported by existing central corporate functions already in use and actively in place.


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