Canada Casino News - Land-Based & Online Casinos

Gambling has been one of the world’s most entertaining activities for decades already. For years, land-based casinos made headlines in Canada casino news. However, with the boom of the internet, it became much easier for players all over the country to access real money gaming sites.

Of course, there are several differences between online casinos and land-based venues. Let’s take a closer look at some of them below.


Almost all online casino reviews make mention of bonuses and promotions. Land-based venues tend to rely on free drinks, comps for shows or hotel rooms. Their online counterparts cannot do the same, so real money rewards or free spins are the go-to rewards.

This means that when playing online, players have extra money to wager with, and this can lead to bigger wins. In many cases, this extra cash trumps any offer a land-based venue can provide.

A Variety Of Games

One of the biggest factors that online casino reviews take into account are the variety of games on offer. Online casinos tend to offer a bigger selection of games compared to land-based venues. This helps keep players interested in the content on offer, as it is always fresh, fun and engaging.

Floor space isn’t an issue either. There’s no limit to the number of games that can be offered online. And old games don’t need to make way for new machines or tables, they can be enjoyed side by side in the digital arena.  

Different Odds

Online casinos run much faster than land-based ones do. Players can play more hands of Blackjack, spin the reels of several slots at once, or enjoy Multi-wheel Roulette games.

As a result, Canada casino news reports that players generate more money online. Players will get to enjoy better odds online than at a land-based casino and the payout percentages tend to be higher. Progressive jackpots also accumulate faster as they are not restricted to local bets.


One of the biggest drawcards of playing on the internet is the fact that online casinos can be accessed from any time and any place. Unlike with land-based casinos, players don’t even need to leave their homes to access the games that they love. Plus, with mobile optimised sites becoming so popular, you don’t even need to get off the sofa to get in on the action.


Canada casino news often focuses heavily on the legalities of playing online. The laws do differ somewhat, but in both land-based and digital cases, gambling in Canada is legal. However, online gambling sites cannot host their servers on Canadian soil, unless they are licensed by the province. This means that the majority of online gambling sites are hosted offshore. It’s still legal for Canadians to play at these sites, so there are no concerns about breaking the law.

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