A New Era Of Advertising

It has long been the goal of advertisers to improve they way they present commercials. Advertising is, after all, a process of getting the right commercial to the right person. And for the longest time that has been done by simply blanketing consumers with advertising, and hoping that the right people would eventually hear the commercial.

But with the rise of modern technology, this is quickly changing. Vast social media networks, plus greatly improved technology mean that targeted advertising is more possible than ever. The concept has been shown in a number of science fiction movies in the past, and is quickly becoming a reality.

Most recently advertisers have been talking about the possibility of dynamic, digital audio advertising via voice-activated devices. This possibility has now become a reality.

Dynamic Digital Audio Advertising

A recent survey by MTM focused on digital audio advertising, and spoke to 232 media agencies around the world. In this study it was revealed that around 80% of these media agencies agreed that focused digital audio advertising was an essential part of their future plans. This already is an interesting prospect, given that digital audio advertising has only recently become popular. If anything, this speaks to the incredible adaptability of modern advertising agencies, which aim to be on the cutting edge.

But why the enormous interest in voice-activated devices, and digital audio advertising?

Radio Has Become Digital

The first point to keep in mind is that radio has all but become entirely digital. This includes users streaming radio stations via electronic devices, but also takes into account that many prefer to listen to digital media streaming services, such as podcasts. And this, of course, opens up a number of focused, relevant advertising opportunities.

The survey found that at least 79% of the agencies surveyed believed that advertising during podcasts, dynamically, was an essential step to future marketing strategies.

Dynamic Digital Audio

Streaming digital audio services allow for something that analogue radio never could; inserting advertising that is not only directly targeted, but also relevant to the user in question. With the power of modern advertising systems, a digital audio advertisement can be dynamically inserted into a podcast, for a user that is demonstrably interested in the specific advertisement. Ads could target everything from people who regularly spend time at online casinos, to those searching for a new vacuum cleaner, and can be updated in real time to reflect changing desires and needs.

Such dynamic advertising is already done in web browsers, with services such as YouTube. But this type of advertising has yet to extend to world of digital audio. Or, specifically, streaming services such as podcasts. The recent survey shows that this is about to change.

Rise Of Digital Audio

It was revealed that 77% of advertisers agreed that digital audio services represented an enormous untapped marketing opportunity. And, furthermore, 66% intended on making use of digital advertising of this kind, over the course of this year.

With all this being said, it seems that dynamic digital audio advertising is set to become a new standard in the media world. The future of advertising is here, and is partially in digital audio.


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