Online Casino Reviews – Ontario License Guide

Online casino reviews always make special mention of whether a gambling site has a license. This is because, of course, operators are required to have a license to offer their services in a particular region. If a site has not gone through the correct channels, it is a big red flag. In Ontario the local regulator, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO,) has now officially released a guide that aims to help operators work within the law.

The guide is referred to as the Gaming Operation Application Guide and is available for free online. Now those that wish to offer iGaming in Ontario have a wealth of information to help them with an application, thereby streamlining the entire process. Needless to say, any site that wants good online casino reviews will be applying as soon as possible.

Though, it should be mentioned that the application process has not yet even been opened but will be accepting applications later in the year.

Regulation Services

Looking at the Ontario iGaming market a little closer, there are 2 main entities that are now regulating the market. The AGCO is the first, tasked with regulation and enforcement. The second is the newly formed iGamingOntario, which operates separately but falls under the same umbrella. iGamingOntario is responsible for handling the license application process, and as such acts as the gateway to the local industry as a whole.

But offering iGaming in the region certainly isn’t cheap. Any company that does receive a license will be expected to pay an annual fee of CA$100,000, per site.  Each site best hope that it gets good online casino reviews if it wants to make its money back, and still turn a profit.

Window Of Opportunity

When it comes to iGaming, Canada has a reputation for gray market operations. Which is to say, given the nature of the law many sites have been operating in a legal gray zone, not technically acting outside the law, but then not acting within the law either.

The AGCO has offered these gray market operations an alternative, telling them that they can keep doing business so long as they start working within the law. It isn’t clear how will accept, but if those gray market operations wish to keep good online casino reviews they will certainly be wanting to stay legal.

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