New Super Graphics Game Changer Slot Unveiled

The Game Changer slot series from Realistic Games is back, this time with a brand-new entry called Super Graphics Game Changer. As with previous games in the quickly growing catalogue, the developers seem to have set out to entirely change how slots are perceived by players, introducing a multitude of drastically different gameplay mechanics, most likely in an effort to see what sticks with players.

On the surface, however, Super Graphics Game Changer brings back recognisable characters from previous entries. Namely Satsuki and her band of diverse, lovable friends. They appear to be hanging out on the beach, having a good time, and playing a few games of their own. The idea of the theme is that when Satsuki and her friends decide to play, it will take the player into a Free Spins round.

A Curious Cast

Despite its name, Super Graphics Game Changer doesn’t have what could be called the best graphics. They are serviceable, and certainly demonstrate an enormous amount of creativity, but not on the same level as some other recent slots. It is the commitment to charm that really sells the experience, though, which is why most fans will likely be returning.

In terms of gameplay the 5 reel, 4 row, high volatility game uses 40 paylines. Satsuki and her friends act as the high symbols, while various fruit act as the low symbols. It is all a fairly standard experience, up until the bonus mini-game is triggered.

As with other slots in the series, the outer ring of symbols need to create an unbroken sequence of high symbols, plus wilds and bonus symbols, in order for the mini-game to trigger. It is the shrewd innovation that has brought the Game Changer series this far, and it continues to be a fun and interesting idea.

Play Time!

Once a board has formed and the game starts, the player will get to roll the dice. This will move an imaginary board piece around the formed series of symbols, picking up bonuses along the way. Free Spins can be won, and Wilds will be picked up and gathered.

When a Play Time bonus is hit, the collected Free Spins and Wilds will be put into action. But there is more. During a Free Spins sequence, Wilds not only stay on the reels, but will also move about randomly. If 2 Wilds sit on top of each other, they will morph into a Wild with a multiplier.

Super Graphics Game Changer continues Realistic Game’s trend of delivering excellent slots, with each iteration in the series shaping up to offer a solid experience.

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