Perceptions of Beauty Around The World

Beauty is one of the most universally understood things in the world. Regardless of race, culture or otherwise, everyone understands that a thing, or person, can be beautiful. It is such a widely understood concept, in fact, that it can unite people, even if those individuals do not understand one another's culture. This can be seen in artworks, the beauty of which can transcend borders, and be appreciated across the globe. Beauty is beauty.

Or is it? When it comes to people, it turns out that the standards of beauty tend to be different around the world. What is beautiful in one region may not be so in another, especially where human physicality is concerned. Western concepts of beauty are not the same as in eastern countries, and vice versa, and this is clearly seen in so many ways, including in slots games like Asian Beauty and Bikini Party that depict the female form in vastly different ways.

It turns out, that in some cases, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s take a look at what different parts of the world consider to be beautiful!

Western Standards Of Beauty

The western world has what is often referred to as “unrealistic expectations.” Tall, athletic, yet with a bountiful bust is what is sought after in the west, when it comes to women. And yes, a thin waist and perky backside are added to these already tough demands. This perception of beauty applies to much of the western world, including Canada, and to a large degree in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Of course, there has been some controversy about this body image in recent years, with many declaring this list of requirements as not only unrealistic, but also dangerous for many women to aggressively pursue.

Korean Skin Obsession

But, as you start to look elsewhere around the world, fixations on other aspects of beauty become clearer. For Korean women it is essential to have perfect skin.

The word often thrown around is “porcelain,” which just about sums about what it takes to be a knockout in Korea. The bronzed skin look, more appealing elsewhere in the world, would be balked at in Korea. It’s pale and perfect for Korean ladies, even if that means multiple regular trips to he beauty parlour.

Indian Hair And Nose Obsession

Meanwhile, in India, two elements make a woman stand apart from the rest. First, having thick, luscious black hair, and second, having a finely proportioned, perfect nose. And yes, western body proportions have also started to become favoured in India, and are further proof of how beauty standards do change over time. This, likely due to the crossover of culture, has shifted ideas of beauty in both countries.

Maori Tattoo Beauty

In New Zealand, the native Maori people have a much more focused perception of beauty, coming down to their own traditions. A Ta-moko, or tattoo that is applied to a ladies chin, is the ultimate sign of beauty. Part of the attraction is that the tattoo is done with a chisel, and causes a great deal of discomfort, hence, the lady with the biggest and most elaborate tattoo is the one that was the strongest, and most capable of dealing with pain, proving that beauty often comes at a price.

Burmese Long Necks

In Burma, for the Kayan tribe beauty is expressed in one of the most interesting ways seen anywhere around the world; by having a long neck. The ladies of the tribe place brass rings around their necks, with more added over the years. With some time, the neck is genuinely lengthened. And yes, this is the biggest sign of beauty for the Kayan people.

The appearance of the rings themselves is also important, with the most attractive ladies having fine, highly polished brass rings, never having a single blemish in sight.

It is our differences that make us unique, and with different standards of beauty being ascribed to across the world it’s fascinating to see what is considered aesthetically pleasing, and how it contrasts with our own expectations.

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