Playtech Signs with Captain Up

Online casino software and solutions provider Playtech has again appeared in casino news, this time with a new strategy to drive the iGaming industry’s growth. The developer has made the decision to approach player retention as a vital driver of growth in the industry, in something of a more innovative way. Playtech has chosen to use Captain Up’s real time retention and engagement platform to fulfil the new strategy. The move was announced recently after the two businesses publically revealed the terms of their new deal.

Captain Up Platform Assists In Creating Personalised Gaming

Captain Up’s platform allows casino operators to attract new players and retain existing ones by using behavioural economics that help providers to personalise their gaming content to the needs of certain groups of players. So far, the platform is being used by several iGaming brands, and it will continue to enjoy wider access to major gambling companies after being added to Playtech’s IMS player management system.

The product, which highlights personalised gaming as an important trend, is promoted as one that assists operators to boost their revenues by increasing their players’ engagement and securing more brand loyalty. The platform also provides players with opportunities for real time social interaction and communication. Captain Up’s product engages players through offering them chances to compete on leaderboards, level up in their games of choice, participate in engaging tournaments, win badges to showcase their accomplishments, and much more.

Acquiring and Retaining Players Vital For Operators’ Futures

The platform also uses real time data to give operators insights into how their players feel about their offerings and which kinds of offerings each player reacts to more positively. The platform offers a web-based back office module which assists operators to monitor and manage activity on their sites, while also analysing their players’ behaviour and reactions to certain products and services. As competitive as the iGaming industry is, the acquisition and retention of loyal players has become quite challenging, even for the most renowned online gambling operators.

Due to this, high quality gaming content might not be enough to keep players engaged and coming back for more. Playtech’s move towards data analysis and the Captain Up platform could thus be a very beneficial move for the developer’s future, especially as these tools have been rapidly gaining popularity in the international industry.

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