Prisma Gaming Reveals Big Plans For Casino Expo

It’s very nearly time for this year’s ICE London 2020, and companies all over the regulated world are gearing up to display and perform and impress at this year’s bigger-than-ever-before online casino expo. Each year, ICE becomes home to the cream of the casino and entertainment industry’s crop and it’s considered to be not only the networking event the year, but also the perfect platform on which to showcase any developer’s pride and joy. When talking massive global exposure, it simply doesn’t get any more effective than ICE London, a truth not at all lost on exciting up and coming new start-up Prisma Gaming.

Prisma Gaming’s mission is as simple as it gets, explains CEO Vaghinak Nersisyan, and that is to this year; at ICE London 2020 no less; demonstrate to the world the young company’s high ambitions and goals for the year ahead, as well as looking beyond and into the future of gaming and entertainment. The aim is simple, said Nersisyan during a recent interview; and that is to demonstrate that the brand is ready to take over the casino industry.

ICE Means Exposure

The young start-up’s dynamic CEO elaborated further as to the reasons behind the team’s high regard for ICE London, and specifically in relation to what the convention means for Prisma Gaming. Nersisyan said that not only will ICE be the perfect launch-pad for a young and dynamic new entrant into a highly competitive casino industry, but that it will also prompt the young tech-firm to improve on its products to the extent that clients will effectively turn redirect their attention so as to take note of what Prisma Gaming represents in its capacity as a promising new start-up.

Meet The Support Team

Nersisyan did not reveal too much about what Prisma has in store for attendees at this year’s casino convention, save to indicate that the company would be showcasing and introducing a technology driven platform solution designed to meet the needs of all sub-industries functioning under the gambling industry umbrella.

The young CEO further announced that as it stands at the moment, Prisma Gaming brings a total of 50 service providers to the table in terms of existing partnership agreements. Nersisyan is of the solid opinion that with this sterling team of experts on board, the brand is more than able to supply just about the best professional odds and risk management support services in the casino business today.

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