Pro Poker Players Plan Boxing Match

When talking about entertaining boxing matches, the names of professional poker players tend to rarely come up. But it seems like just that is about to happen as two friends, and professional poker players, are arranging to go head to head. It’s not the type of match that would usually get attention, but it seems like the silly gimmick is getting people talking!

The two players in question are Antonio Esfandiari and Kevin Hart, well known friends in the world of professional poker. The question is, why would these two men, much more at home with cards in their hands, suddenly decide to strap gloves to their hands?

Settling A Bet

It was Antonio Esfandiari who was interviewed by a TMZ reporter, and revealed the boxing match plans between him and Kevin Hart. According to Esfandiari the two were simply hanging out and playing cards, when the subject of boxing came up. A strange subject over a game of cards, but the conversation apparently gained momentum.

Before they knew it, the two had apparently decided on having a match, in order to decide who was the most skilled inside the boxing ring. Clearly it’s not a serious clash between the two, and simply a matter of fun. However, with word getting out about the planned bout, more are paying attention than might be imagined. After all, the fight is sure to be entertaining.

Smart Money Is On Hart

When it comes to playing cards, word is that the two are pretty evenly matched. In the boxing ring, however, favour seems to be leaning massively towards Hart. At least according to Esfandiari in his TMZ interview. He claimed that he has been given rather abysmal odds of 35 – 1. Because Hart is in much better shape, Esfandiari clarified.

The personal wager between the two was not specified, but according to the enormous value of the two poker players, chances are it’s a rather hefty bit of cash. Assumption is that both will be doing a bit of training in preparation, at least if the two are taking the match up seriously.

The fight is set to take place some time in March 2019, so there will be plenty of time for both to be hitting the gym. As to how the match goes down remains to be seen, but it seems like many will be eager to see what unfolds, and others may even put down a few bets. The bout may not be as big as Mayweather and McGregor’s Money Fight was, but it’s sure to be fun.

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