Online Casino Reviews Boost Casino Popularity

A quick glance at a few online casino reviews reveals that iGaming is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. In fact, reports suggest that online gambling has increased by as much as 70% in just the last 2 years. Check those online casino reviews again and it can also be seen that Canada is a leader in the industry, surging ahead of other countries as far as iGaming is concerned.

It was a bit of a rough start into the industry for Canada, given that strict laws have kept online gambling from reaching full potential. But, despite the challenges, The Great White North is now seen by many as a leader. Let’s take a closer look and get a better idea of what’s going on.

Surging Statistics

A recently released report by Statistics Canada really put things into perspective. It was disclosed that, as of 2021, roughly 65% of the legally allowed gambling population would have placed at least a single bet at an online casino. Even more staggering is the statistic that roughly 25% of all Canadians participate in a weekly lottery. Getting into the money side of the equation, Statistics Canada also mentioned that around 15 million dollars has been bet on sports wagering alone.

As far as iGaming itself is concerned, it should first be taken into account that there are over 100 sites accessible to Canadians. This means that a virtually endless amount of gambling entertainment is available, including slots, lotteries, sports betting, Live casino games, and digital versions of classic table games. It is all available online, offering an incredible amount of convenience.

Additionally, online casino reviews help Canadian iGaming enthusiasts find the best possible deals, adding an additional layer of enjoyment.


When it comes to gambling, specifically on the internet, the laws in Canada can get a little confusing. Since most regulations are handled on a provincial level it means that different rules may apply, depending on where a player is located.

Either way, it is explicitly illegal to operate an online casino within the borders of the country. It is not, however, illegal to use iGaming services within the country. This means that, in most provinces, players may access foreign gamble and not be breaking the law.

With that being said, it is still important for Canadians to check online casino reviews, do research, and ensure that they only engage licensed sites.

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