Social Gambling Grows To New Heights

There can be no doubt about it; social casino gaming is one of the fastest growing verticals in the iGaming space next to mobile. Social gambling is the new generation’s answer to classic casino games and even online casino, which tend to be solitary at least to a degree. Social games, based on the massive popularity of social media hubs like Facebook, allow the players of today to enjoy engaging and competitive games for real money while competing with their friends and family and even unlocking new goals as they play.

Of course, it isn’t hard to see why social gambling has exploded in Canada, which is home to one of the world’s most thriving – and most highly regulated - virtual casino markets. The social gaming trend actually started many years ago, but more casino operators than ever before are signing deals with social gaming developers to bring the trend alive with real money content.

For Canadian players, a boom of new and exciting social gambling games is sure to result, leading to a possible change in the lay of the land where online gaming and gambling legislation is concerned.

Facebook is King For The Social Gambling Scene

Social gambling, simply put, is gambling on social media platforms. Many companies offer free social casino games that feature optional in-app purchases, while others favour the straight real money wagering style. Of all the people who play social media games, around 60% of them do so on Facebook, and Canada’s players are right behind this trend too. Social games may be offered as traditional casino games like Texas Hold’em and Blackjack, or they may even be skill-based games that have been shown to appeal consistently to a younger generation, who are looking for games more similar to the video games with which they grew up. Regardless, the value of the global social gambling market is set to grow to a whopping $17.4 billion by 2019, and Canada will no doubt have a substantial share of that success.

Social Gambling Expected To Grow Exponentially

The rise of social gaming in Canada has been well-received so far. The country’s legislations are currently in favour of online gambling, albeit mostly for gambling regulated by the state, but social games offer something somewhat different to the norm with their casual game play and optional spending for players. Still, social gaming has been predicted to be a highly favourable force in the Canadian iGaming market.

Local companies like Uken and Little Guy Games have already begun to capitalise on the potential of social gambling in Canada, and predictions say that it won’t be long before Canadians have a massive range of proudly Canuck social gaming products to enjoy with their peers.

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