Meet Sam, Ubisoft’s Video Game PA

No one knows that help can come from unexpected places better than video gamers. Whether from characters, value-added in-app purchases, or as a bonus for collecting special items, such timely aides can put players well on the path to victory. Enter Sam.

Created by the Ubisoft Club using the Google Cloud Natural Language Processing and Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, Sam is a virtual personal assistant whose sole mission is to assist gamers. The Beta edition is embedded in the Ubisoft Club app for mobile devices, and is currently available in Canada only. Before gamers here think they are getting the special treatment, the software provider has every intention of rolling out the PA in other regions, once the testing phase has been concluded.

Whether you play Assassin’s Creed II, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Rainbow Six Siege, or Black Flag, Sam can find information, articles, websites, videos, hints, tips, Easter eggs, strategies, and all sorts of other results to answer your gaming questions and help you gain the upper hand. Of course, this is Ubisoft we are writing about, so players can expect a few Easter eggs and other fun surprises of Sam’s own.

A Helping Hand

The new video game PA function undergoing Beta testing through the Ubisoft Club app installed on Canadian players’ Android or iOS devices offers a helping hand based on their accounts. According to the club’s brand director, Damien Moret, this is done using the Daily Login feature, currently available only on Rainbow Six Siege.

Moret said the login performs an analysis on not only players’ stats, but their behaviour when gaming as well. The results Sam presents are personalised; the idea being to aid players in improving their game as individuals, and to help them win even more.    

Another feature available in the Beta version of the PA is the chatbot. It can answer questions about player profiles, as well as games and services offered by Ubisoft. To ensure it gives players what they want, as well as a little something extra, the various extra subjects being added on a regular basis have their origins in feedback from players already acquainted with Sam.

Sam In a Nutshell

According to Moret, the gaming PA’s origins lie in two different ideas, but its purpose is basically to help players spend less time looking for information, and more time playing their favourite games.

The brand director explained that the software provider wanted to provide players with data relevant to the improvement of their gaming. He added that, whether players want to find playing tips, title release dates, or simply a bit of background information, the time it takes to do so is increasing. Moret said the PA makes all that information far more accessible.

Plans for the PA

In addition to the Daily Login and chatbot features, Sam will also have a customer service role. Rather than replacing the provider’s call centre team, the PA will complement it.

In addition to being able to answer frequently asked questions, it will connect players to the customer service page, where they can contact an agent, if it cannot answer specific questions.

Another possibility, and one based almost entirely on player feedback, is making Sam available for console and computer. The focus for now, however, remains firmly on mobile devices so gamers can ask their questions at any time of the day or night, regardless of whether they are gaming at the time.

The Ubisoft Club

The Ubisoft Club is an interactive multi-platform, multi-game incentive system for gamers. It began in 2009, with the Assassin’s Creed II unlockable units that can be redeemed for rewards in any games across the provider’s platform.

It also offers gamer’s personalised perks, in-play challenges, and badges and XP. As the provider continues to forge ahead, the future of playing looks even better and brighter than ever, and the possibilities for the application of Sam and other ‘buddies’ almost limitless.

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