Universal Announces Jurassic World Game

Fans of the Jurassic Park franchise will soon get the chance to capture their very own dinosaurs using little more than their mobile devices. Universal and mobile game developer Ludia announced the licensed Jurassic World Alive will launch across Android and iOS later this year. Much like the unprecedented smash hit of 2 years ago, Pokémon Go, the game based on the cloned dinosaur movie franchise uses Augmented Reality to bring players face-to-face with various prehistoric creatures lurking in the world around them.

The game’s release will no doubt add to the hype around the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom feature film, set to be released in June. The film is the fifth in the franchise that initially took viewers in Canada, and the rest of the world, by storm with the release of the first Jurassic Park movie, directed by Stephen Spielberg, way back in 1997.

What We Know So Far

In a March press release, the studio and game developer said Jurassic World: Alive will be the first time AR and location-based tech brings the thrill of the franchise to life in an interactive way. According to the developer’s president and CEO, Alex Thabet, players can use the game to explore their own neighbourhoods and further afield, collect dinosaurs, capture exclusive creatures, use in-game incubators, gather DNA samples, create genetically-modified creatures, and battle other players for rewards in real-time.

As part of the gameplay, players need to locate dinosaurs on a map and then can venture in the world to capture them. Alternatively, if you’re unable to leave your location, in-game AR drones need to be sent to collect DNA samples of the creature you are hoping to collect. What’s more, players can also exercise any bragging rights they earn along the way by taking photos and videos of themselves with their captured dinos. If you think this sounds like as much fun as you can handle, there is a good chance you will love playing the Jurassic Park online slot, another game that’s been inspired by this smash hit franchise.

Aiming for Full Immersion

The upcoming mobile game, which is based on the idea created by best-selling author Michael Crichton, was made with enthusiasm and excitement by the studio and the developer. Based on what they had to say, the aim of the game is ultimately to let players realise something of their dreams of interacting with prehistoric creatures in the modern world. The goal has been nothing more than to create an immersive a game as possible, and if the comments of executives are anything to go by, that goal might be achieved. Thabet believes the developer hoped players would be immersed in a world in which living with dinosaurs is possible. He added that the game also offers players a social element, in that they can connect with other players as they hunt for and battle their creatures. Universal brand development, game, and digital platform executive vice president, Chris Heatherly, said the AR and location technology available was key to making players’ dino dreams come true. The studio executive also thinks that Jurassic World: Alive will be the largest, most thrilling game in the whole franchise.

Studio Expands Gaming Territory

There is little chance of Universal and Ludia not making a success of the AR-based game for mobile currently under development. If its success is anything like that of Pokémon Go, it will be an accolade for all involved, including the studio. As recently as last year, the studio took a strategic decision to expand its gaming division. It began by bulking up the gaming team with more staff to enable a hands-on approach, as well as greater investment, and it looks like this is just the beginning. Jurassic World: Alive is just the first of several exciting mobile games to be developed and released from here on.


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