Wear Your Casino: A Watch That Can Play Online Slots

The first Slot machine debuted in 1898 and since that very day the industry has been innovating in leaps and bounds, developing the technology to bring us online Casinos, online Slots and even mobile Slots. The internet has made it possible for online and mobile technology to really advance, but you won’t believe what the Casino nerds have come up with now… a wearable mobile device, like a watch, that will allow players to play their favourite Slots wherever they go.  

Technology is developing at an almost frightening rate, and a Casino watch for playing online Slots is possibly the least futuristic advancement in gambling tech. Additional ‘wearable’ Casinos may well utilise devices such as Google Glass, enabling players to enjoy online Slots in as if in an alternate reality, just by switching on the glasses.  

Look and feel

Currently, Apple’s iWatch features a very small screen. Although it looks great and would be useful to connect to your mobile phone for answering calls or checking messages, it might need some more work before it becomes all the rage with online Slots fans. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch is a little bit larger so may provide a better screen for playing online Slots. However, since the watch doesn’t technically offer anything that a mobile phone can’t already do, many online Slots fans don’t think they’d bother with the device. Watches are supposed to look sleek and chic and the Galaxy Gear is anything but!  

Although Google Glass would be the most incredible way of experience online Slots, the device doesn’t currently offer any gambling Apps. Google Glass does, however, promise great potential for the future with many online Slots experts suggesting it could even change the face of gambling altogether.   With some of the most advanced gaming technology already available for players at the top online Casinos, many Casino fans would suggest that online gambling couldn’t get any better than it is right now.

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