Westgate Introduces Drink Monitoring Tech

Las Vegas’ Westgate Resort & Casino is the latest casino in the area to introduce a new system that manages players’ orders of complimentary drinks. This may seem like a boon for casinos, which can sit back as the technology tracks players’ drinks – but players themselves seem less than pleased with the new option so far. A main reason that casinos have appealed to so many guests over the years is more than just their casino games.

It has also had much to do with these venues’ free drinks, and the fact that cocktail waitresses refreshed them on a constant basis. Now, casinos will instead start monitoring the consumption of these drinks more strictly, catering mainly to those who are members of higher loyalty club levels. Experts are predicting that this could actually drive even more players online as they look for more value for their dollars and a more generous gaming environment overall.

Players Need To Earn Free Drinks

Scott Roeben of VitalVegas.com has noted that Westgate Casino’s new system is not the first of such technology to be launched in the infamous gambling city. Roeben has stated that casinos are more than happy to offer players free drinks, but added that these casinos want to ensure that the number of drinks offered are proportionate to their players’ real money gambling spends.

According to Roeben in an interview with KTNV.com, he thinks that casinos both in Las Vegas and across the country will soon begin to monitor drinks using the new technology. He suspects that this could be implemented on a widespread scale within just a year or two. Prominent casinos on the Strip like Golden Nugget and Caesars Palace also have drinks monitoring systems, which were introduced in 2016 to ensure that players spent enough to cover the costs of their free drinks.

New Systems Saving Casinos Money

Halfway through 2017, a report also emerged on Ardent Progressive Systems & Games - a data tracking options group that created a points validation system to notify bartenders of complimentary drinks and which players have earned them. Under the governance of this system, bartenders are signalled as to whether or not each player qualifies for a drink after meeting the requirements for complimentary beverage services or premium beverages.

The company’s website states that the new system will ‘completely eliminate bar fleas’ who have not earned their drinks, which might be a good strategy for casinos’ bankrolls – but it is certainly something that players would rather not see implemented. According to a World Casino Directory report from 2017, Caesars Entertainment has saved around 35% on their complimentary drink costs since introducing the technology to their own casino floors in Vegas.


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