Best Online Casino Payment Mechanism: Click2Pay

When it comes to playing real money games online, banking is the most important part of the entire process. Being able to make instant and secure payments is key if you want to get started playing straightaway, with complete peace of mind. For this reason, Click2Pay is on the top-10 list for best online casino payment mechanism in Canada.

But what exactly is Click2Pay and how does it work?

Let’s find out.

How the System Works

As the name suggests, Click2Pay is a web-wallet system that you can use to fund your casino account or complete transactions at online merchants around the globe. The system is fast, secure and incredibly reliable which is why it has been used extensively in the gambling industry. To get started using the service, all you need to do is long onto the website and sign up for a free account. It only takes a few minutes to fill in your details and your account will be activated within 24 hours.

Rated as the safest online casino payment mechanism, Click2Pay works like any regular web-wallet in that you first have to deposits funds in your e-wallet account before you can start making transfers. You can do this by transferring funds in from your bank account, paying by credit or debit card or using other e-wallet facilities to top up. Once activated, you need to keep a minimum balance of $20 in your account to enjoy the full range of services.

Making a Deposit

Once you have funded your account, you can get started with making a deposit. Again, this process is simple and fast. Simply head the cashier section, select web-wallets and look for the Click2Pay logo. Fill in your details, the amount you want to pay and proceed with the transaction. The online casino payment mechanism will transfer the funds instantly into your account and you can start playing straight away.

You can also use your e-wallet account to send money to friends and family or make purchases at Internet-based merchants around the globe. The same system can also be used for withdrawals. In fact, the withdrawals are faster and safer than credit cards or bank transfers. After requesting a withdrawal, your funds will be back in your e-wallet account within 24 hours. From there, you can use the funds to make more deposits or transfer the cash to your bank account or request a cheque.

The Clic2Pay Prepaid Debit Card

One of the reasons click to pay is rated as the best online casino payment mechanism is because it is more than just a web-wallet. You also have the option of requesting a prepaid Maestro debit card that will be linked to your e-wallet account. Since it is prepaid, there is no need for credit checks or going through the bank. The card is sent directly to your door and it can be used just like a regular debit card. For instance, you can use it on the web for purchases or in-store for regular debit card transactions.

You can even use your prepaid debit card to withdraw your winnings at your local ATM. Being a web-wallet system, all your payments are completely anonymous and secure. In fact, it is rated as the safest online casino payment mechanism since it runs the latest SSL secure encryption technology. If you run into any issues using your account, the support team can be contacted by email or on the telephone.

For gaming enthusiasts, Click2Pay represents freedom and security. The best part is the more you use your account, the more benefits you receive. This includes lower transaction fees and higher limits on what you can spend on the Internet and in store on your card. A safe, secure and trusted option, we suggest you give it a try!