Where would the gaming and gambling industry be without banking? Nowhere, that’s where. The importance of good, fast, safe and ultimately, effective banking for the online casino industry cannot be discounted. We have probably mentioned this before but online banking owes a lot to the online casino industry. Payment solutions were born from this industry; not all but some. Companies like Neteller for instance were initially established to pay online casino players. Today it services all kinds of payment needs online.


Another one worth mentioning would be Skrill (Moneybookers), born from the need to pay players; now a world-wide payment solution. Even today these companies and ones like them (those in the e-wallet business) continue to move into new markets while improving upon their technology and making online banking safer and more regulated. One of the biggest benefits about an e-wallet is the privacy it gives you. No billing descriptors, no nothing. Your business is your own and in today world of incredible surveillance, this is a rarity.

Privacy is hard to come by and why should we not have it? It’s a basic right and one that many online and general established institutions don’t fully respect. This is why we’d like to recommend Entropay, an online payment solution founded back in 2003 and one with no discrimination.

What is Entropay?

Entropay is a virtual card, smartly designed and perfect for online casino usage. Entropay offers private, secure and borderless payments without letting you suffer those costly bank services. This last factor alone makes Entropay a very appealing online banking solution. All spending habits with Entropay are protected and this means that all transactions you do won’t wind up on a bank statement. And let’s be honest; gambling is entertainment but it’s not always something you bring up in conversation or throw around loosely in any social scenario. For these reasons a payment mechanism like Entropay is quite ideal. The sign-up procedure is free and the security protocols are all on the level 24/7. In fact, Entropay s safety attributes are likely to better those of some banks.

Your Entropay Virtual Card

Entropay’s sign-up process is free and top up fees from your bank account sit at an incredibly low 1.95%. The user-interface is easy to understand and the navigation is simple. All your transactions can be viewed and all you cash can be stored in one central place while you can create a virtual card and delete it after you’ve used it. You can also use one virtual card all the time, the choice is yours. The Entropay virtual card works just like a physical card, except that it’s based in cyberspace.  Making an online casino deposit will require the amount and the card number as well as some of the other details. The fact of the matter is that it’s really simple.

More Reasons to Play

With Entropay you’ve got even more reasons to play! Easy to understand and use, low rates – what more could you ask? Well, if you’re joining up and you’re a new player, then you’ll get a massive welcome bonus. These extra casino credits certainly don’t hurt. Then there’s the fact that quite a few of the online casinos we deem worthy of your time offer select deposit method bonuses. This means that if you deposit with a deposit mechanism that the casino promotes, it entitles you to a special cashback deal – how cool is that? A bonus after a bonus sounds like a sweet deal to us, but maybe it’s best you find this out for yourself.


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