The world of e-commerce has grown exponentially in the last 15 years. Internet banking on the whole has gotten faster, safer and has thus experienced a fair amount of user proliferation. Even if you’re not one for making many online purchases, something quick and convenient such as iDebit could serve your needs too.


The e-wallet industry owes a lot to online casino gaming.  In many ways the industry assisted in making the use of an e-wallet a lot more feasible. E-wallets, also known as web-wallets encompass a range of options in terms of the way they function and the various brands that are available to choose from. iDebit serves as more of a facilitator between your casino online account and your bank account. Something of this nature is advantageous for a number of reasons, but primarily because it provides the user with a greater degree of privacy.

How Does it Work?

The best way to describe iDebit would be to call it a direct bank transfer, or more accurately something that facilitates a direct bank transfer – a middleman.

iDebit lets you pay merchants or make casino deposit securely by connecting directly to your bank account. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be required to register your bank, something that’s of the utmost importance when it comes to withdrawing or receiving any winnings.

Once you’ve logged into your iDebit account, it’s then a case of choosing your bank from a list of banks and then logging in with your online banking credentials. The procedure is safe and this is further secured by the fact that iDebit applies the industry standard of safety in the form of 128-bit encryption technology. Speed and efficiency serve as major drawcards to the usage of iDebit. Once you’ve confirmed a deposit, your funds will reflect within your gaming account within seconds.

Can You Withdraw?

If you’re going to make withdrawal and it’s your first time, you will be asked to provide documentation. The good news is that iDebit, unlike some of its peers, lets you withdraw funds. This is advantageous because it means that if you use it to deposit funds into your casino account and you win and the time comes to make a withdrawal, the casino will send the funds back via the means of the deposit mechanism.

What Are the Advantages?

iDebit sports a host of advantages sure to appeal to the user.  The need for a credit card is completely eliminated and this means a better management of gaming funds. All the banking information that you submit to iDebit is kept under lock and key and will never be shared with a merchant.

The sign-up process is an uncomplicated one and this includes the registration of your bank and the process of finding it from the list of Canadian banks supported by this casino payment mechanism.

iDebit has a low fee structure which won’t infringe upon or dent the pocket in any way. At the most, and depending on the nature of the transfer, you’ll incur a C$2 charge, but no more. Most transactions including making a payment into your casino account is rate-free.

Safety and security is of paramount importance at iDebit.  All servers are kept under constant surveillance, in a restricted area that includes 24 hour security and are only accessible by way of palm-scanning.

Canadian Banks Supporting iDebit


iDebit has all the security features required to provide Canadian casino online players with peace of mind including the trust of major Canadian banks. This payment mechanisms serves in the dual capacity of a casino deposit and withdrawal mechanism and completes transactions in seconds.

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