Interac Online


Banking is an integral part of gaming and gambling, and without effective solutions, the point of playing is pretty much belittled. The good news is that our online and mobile casinos are all equipped with banking solutions that will safely see you through all your transactions. One such solution is Interac Online, a Canada-specific banking mechanism that allows for online transactions for casino-related matters and for a slew of other online transactions. By being so multi-faceted, Interac Online endears itself to mobile casino players and to users who simply want another safe and effective means to do business online. Interac Online connects safely to your bank account and then moves the money from there into your casino account. When the time comes to make a withdrawal, it’s simply a case of vice versa.  By electing to use Interac Online, you’re immediately entitling yourself to a series of perks.

Why You Should use Interac

Setting up your Interac Online account is quite a simple process and it’s something that can be done in the casino’s banking lobby or by going to their official website. Interac uses a special gateway page to connect the dots between your banking account and your casino bank account. All you need to do is confirm the amount you’d like to deposit. There are various benefits and perks that come with using Interac Online, and they are:

  • The Protection of Vital Information: By opting to use Interac Online, all forms of vital information will remain safe and when making a transaction, no information will ever need to be relayed to the merchant.
  • Complete Ease or Use: Interac Online consolidates the process of transacting, making matters of a monetary nature so much easier.
  • Security: Interac Online is affiliated with RBC Royal Bank, an established institution that provides an extra layer of security by completing the transaction.
  • A Great Alternative: Interac Online serves as an excellent banking alternative to your already existing bank account.
  • Better Financial Control: Interac Online allows you to track and monitor all of your spend and this in turn gives you a much better idea of how much money you’re using in your gaming endeavours. This kind of up-to-date information can encourage responsible gaming.

Casino Banking Tips

Most of the time online and mobile casino banking procedures run quite smoothly. Here at we’ve done all we can to bring you up to speed on the best possible ways in which to transact with various Canadian–servicing operators. Now, most of the time things will go smooth. If you have an issue making a deposit, you can always choose something like Interac Online or you can try uneven amounts, a tried and tested method that to this day still bears results. However, if you’re serious about playing and winning, then we recommend that you actually take a series of pre-emptive moves. This will make matters so much easier on you, especially when the time comes for you to make a big withdrawal. Here are our casino banking tips:

  • Before even joining an online casino or a mobile casino, make copies of verifiable proof of your address and identification.
  • Verify these documents at your local law enforcement or wherever verification is possible. Verification of this nature isn’t a must, but it can only help.
  • Upon signing up with a casino, submit these documents to their support centre.
  • By electing to already submit such documentation, you’re making the process of withdrawing faster.