Maestro – The Best Casino Payment Method for Canadians

One of the most important parts of the online gambling process is banking. If you are going to be making regular deposits into your account, it is essential that you use a method that is fast, secure and suits your lifestyle. In Canada, all top-rated sites offer a wide range of choices, from bank transfers, to web-wallets, instant banking and even cryptocurrencies. For most people though, Maestro is rated as the best online casino payment mechanism time and again.


Debit cards are often overlooked in the world of Internet-based gambling, simply because we associate them with land-based purchases at shops, restaurants and other point-of-sale merchants. The good news is that debit cards can be used for more than just your daily expenses. In fact, most sites in Canada and across the globe list Maestro as one of the top 5 safest online casino payment mechanisms for Internet transactions.

The great thing about debit cards is that most people have them. Unlike credit cards that require credit checks and an evaluation process, loads of people have Maestro cards attached to their regular bank account. Most current-issue debit cards come out with a 16-digit cards number as well as a CVV.  This means you can go online and make a deposit without having to use a credit card, a web-wallet facility or any other expensive option. It is fast, safe and it uses the funds directly from your own account.

Making a Deposit

The procedure for making a deposit at a casino is actually very simple. Simply head to the cashier section of the site in question and click on deposits. Here you will see an option to select debit cards. Some sites have Maestro as a separate option so just look for the logo. Once you click on the relevant online casino payment mechanism, you can insert your 16-digit card number, your details and your CVV. Decide how much you want to deposit and authorize the transaction.

Advanced Security Features

Debit card deposits are processed immediately, and the funds will be transferred into your account within a few minutes. If you are concerned about the safety of paying by card, there is no need to worry. All top-rated sites run state of the art encryption technology. Modern debit cards are also equipped with 3D security. This is where every transaction requires additional authorisation before it is complete. This is usually in the form of a one-time password sent to your phone or a separate authorisation code.

Withdrawing your Winnings

Another reason why Maestro is rated as the best online casino payment mechanism is because you can also use it for withdrawals. Not too long ago, debit and credit cards were unable to process withdrawals. Today, ecommerce technology has improved to the point where you can withdraw your winnings directly into your debit card the same way you made a deposit. Simply head back to the cashier section, click on withdrawals and select the relevant option. Decide how much you want to withdraw and authorize the payment.

A Simple and Convenient Service

While debit withdrawals are not instant like web-wallets or cryptocurrencies, they do tend to be faster than bank withdrawals. There is also the convenience factor to consider. With web-wallets, you first have to sign up with a third-party system, fund your account and then only be able to transfer cash into your account. You may have the function of instant withdrawals, but then you still have to move the funds back to your bank account before you can get your hands on the physical cash. Maestro online casino payment mechanism is a simple one-step process using a card and an account that is already active. It is an excellent option for Canadians and we recommend you give it a try if you want to experience the thrill of real money gaming!

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