Moneta- The Best Online Casino Payment Mechanism?

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Moneta was established in 2005, and was initially aimed exclusively at the Russian market. Starting in Russia and then expanding to other countries that spoke the language, it soon became the most frequently-used alternative financial mechanism in these regions.

Moneta was the title of the Roman goddess Juno, in whose temple money was minted. Since managing large amounts of money is so simple with this system, this makes perfect sense! Many people already consider this the easiest and safest online casino payment mechanism in Canada. Read on to see if you agree.

How Does it Work?

This product was originally created specifically to be used in online casinos, and was one of the first systems to be especially designed for this. But because it worked so well, it is now used for almost every kind of transaction, from buying movie tickets to paying for utilities.

As well as being such a good solution for other purchases, Moneta remains the best online casino payment mechanism for many players. Essentially it is an eWallet, meaning it acts as an intermediary when you are moving money between different accounts.

You can link different bank, store, service and, of course, casino accounts to this platform. Once you’ve established these links, you can move money between the virtual wallet and your other accounts, in both directions.

In other words, you can transfer funds from your bank account to Moneta, and then to the vendor of your choice. Cashouts will also go into the eWallet account, and from there you can put them back into your original bank account or any other bank or retailer. Things couldn’t be simpler!

You never have to share your details with any third parties, which is why so many people also consider this the safest online casino payment mechanism in Canada. Two-step verification procedures, SSL encryptions and firewalls ensure you are even more protected, so you can bank with total peace of mind.

Setting Up and Using Moneta

To use this eWallet, make your way to its website and set up an account. Then simply link one of your existing financial products to the platform, so that you can make transfers. If you prefer, you can also find local agents to collect cash from you, and then put it into your virtual wallet account.

When you’re ready to make a deposit, head over to the cashier interface and choose Moneta from the drop-down menu of deposit options. You’ll be taken to the company website, where you need to log in and complete the details for the transaction, including the amount you want to transfer.

To make withdrawals, choose the withdrawal option in the banking section, and repeat the same procedure. That’s it! Using this system is so quick and easy, you’ll soon see why a lot of Canadian players have rated it tops.

What are the Advantages?

What are the Disadvantages?

Try it for Yourself

Is this the best online casino payment mechanism for you? There’s really only one way to find out! Try it at some of our recommended sites, and see if it suits your needs and preferences.

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