What is Neteller?

Neteller is not a straightforward payment method for the online Casino world, but in fact an independent online payment service that can be used all over the web for a variety of purposes, including for gambling. As a webwallet service, Neteller provides secure financial transaction services to people all around the world, both to and from online Casinos and other retailers. It permits users to hold money within a special online account from which they may make payments and withdraw money. Neteller began operating as an online Casino payment service in 2000 and nowadays accounts for a huge proportion of all payments made to online Casinos.


How does it Work?

Neteller acts as a virtual wallet into which online Casino players can deposit and transfer funds. All users are guaranteed same-day transfers between affiliated retailers so it’s worth discovering if your favourite online Casino provides this service before signing up. Neteller users will be required to enter their credit card or banking information a single time when they sign up, and from then on it will remember the details. Users wishing to make deposits into an online Casino account will simply need to ensure that they have enough fund in their Neteller account and then select the Neteller option at the online Casino to deposit the desired amount. You can top up your Neteller account using credit or debit card or bank wire or, depending on who your bank with, you may be able to transfer the fund directly. Collecting funds from your Neteller account is easy; withdrawls can be made via bank transfer, cheque or via ATMs using Neteller’s Mastercard debit card.

What are the Advantages?

What are the Disadvantages?

Well Worth Investigating

For its sheer ease of use, widespread availability, strong security, lack of background checks and the ability that users have to remain anonymous, there is little to beat Neteller as an online or mobile casino payment system option. Using Neteller will definitely give you total peace of mind that your funds are secure, and you won’t be sharing any personal information so that will be completely safe too. It is so simple to use that it will take only moments of your casino session, and being able to call on expert Customer Service Liaisons will keep things running smoothly too. All your concentration will be free to focus on your games.


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