SafeCharge: The Payment Engine Spreading to Online Casinos

Online casino players in Canada and around the world need to feel that their funds are totally secure. If you’ve ever played at a casino that doesn’t guarantee safe transfers, or used payment systems that you’re not sure of, you know this for yourself from first-hand experience. All the online casinos that we recommend do, of course, use trusted payment options and offer you solid recourse if anything ever does go wrong. An increasing number of online gambling destinations have started using SafeCharge to protect your funds more than ever.


What is SafeCharge?

SafeCharge is a payment engine that, thanks to intelligent technology and design, allows online casino operators and other business owners to tailor-make the transaction options and interfaces that they offer to their customers. Upscaling is made much simpler too. You won’t be interacting with SafeCharge yourself; instead it’s a way that your casino of choice can keep your transactions secure.

SafeCharge software works with established payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard and various eWallets to make using these methods simpler for you. All you’ll see is the usual banking interface with the same banking options as always, but SafeCharge is working behind the scenes. Each transaction is kept completely transparent and all activity is monitored in real time so that any suspected fraudulent behaviour can be dealt with swiftly. In addition, and very importantly, SafeCharge allows vendors such as online casinos to spread their risks with a multi-banking system.

SafeCharge’s Multi-Banking System

Essentially, with its multi-banking approach, SafeCharge is not putting all of its eggs in one basket. Spreading risk by using different merchant accounts was identified as very important after the 2008 financial crisis, and it still is today. Allowing operators to access different acquiring banks in order to accept or pay you money means that, if there’s an issue with one of their merchant accounts for any reason, they can simply switch to another. This makes for absolutely smooth and flawless transaction processing for you, which will help make your overall online casino experience even better. Multi-banking even allows you, as they player, to try 3 different payment methods before you’re rejected, which can really help with management of funds. Online, mobile and point-of-sale transactions are all possible with SafeCharge, making it easier for all vendors to keep track of their finances since all records will be in the same place.

Constant Innovation

One of the best things about SafeCharge is that the company is always working to make things better for its clients, who are then able to make things easier for their own customers. Their Marketplace Manager, for example, takes care of making sure that all compliance requirements are met. If a casino is supported by SafeCharge, you can be surer of its trustworthiness than ever. The wide range of vendor types, including travel agents, retailers, financial services and online casinos, is a good example of how flexible and trusted the platform is. SafeCharge now also allows payments to be made in all directions, meaning online casinos can use the platform for player withdrawals as well as deposits.

Tried and Trusted

SafeCharge may be new to Canada, but the payment engine was actually established in 2006. Development has continued steadily since then, so it’s safe to say that it matches innovation with experience. Several very established companies are listed as partners and plug-ins on the SafeCharge site, meaning it’s available for easy integration across a wide range of businesses. With Playtech founder Teddy Sagi being one of SafeCharge’s co-founders, we as gambling enthusiasts have even more reason to trust the payment engine. There’s no way someone with such experience in the industry would let players down with anything less than the best!

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