What is Skrill?

When you’re deciding how to manage your online or mobile casino funds, you need to be sure to choose a system that is completely reliable and trustworthy, and that you find easy to use. This will give you the peace of mind and simplicity that you need to focus fully on the task of playing your favourite games, and on developing your strategy so that you can win big. Skrill is an online payment service that lets users make fast, secure and cost-effective payments and money transfers using only an email address.


It’s the ideal choice for online casino players, and more and more of them around the world are realising the same thing. This webwallet just keeps growing in popularity and is well worth checking out for yourself. Skrill specialises in online Casino customers, offering its premium service to players in over 200 countries and 40 different countries. It lets customers make real-time payments to online Casinos and other compliant services and retailers.

Skrill stores customer’s financial details in order to save time and hassle on all future deposits but will never pass on any of your banking or personal information when making payments, making it one of the most secure online payment services around.

How does it Work?

Skrill is a premium webwallet service that lets customers send money simply and quickly via email. If you wish to deposit money into your online Casino account you’ll first need to upload load funds to your Skrill account. This can be done via:

Once you have topped-up your Skrill account you will be able to deposit funds into your online Casino account. To do this simply select the Skrill option in the banking section and enter the email address that you have registered to your Skrill account. You won’t have to enter any personal details and Skrill won’t pass on your banking or credit card details to the Casino. Sending money from your Skrill account costs 1% per transfer.

What are the Advantages?

What are the Disadvantages?


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