The Martingale Betting System for Online Play

The biggest implication of the Martingale system is the fact that it could be treated as an underhand method of winning, similar to a player counting cards, which gives you an unfair advantage. It’s not, in fact a problem at either online or brick-and-mortar casinos. Casino operators do not view it as cheating, and allow players to make use of it in the games they choose to as they wish. The Martingale betting system allows you to increase your chances of winning back the money you may have ended up losing during play, and has allowed many players to bounce back from heavy losses with ease.


Best for Play that Takes Place Over the Short-Term

The Martingale betting system is an excellent method for increasing your chances of winning over the short-term. Thanks to the fact that the vast majority of players these days do not spend inordinate amounts of time at the online or mobile casino they most enjoy, and simply indulge in a game or two in the spare minutes they find throughout their busy days and nights, it makes this strategy an excellent one to employ. You will win more money over short periods of play and, although these may be smaller wins, on the rare times that you do lose, those will be a lot smaller as well.

How the Martingale Betting System Works

The Martingale Betting system is one of the oldest in existence, and this is how it works:

  1. You make your standard bet, say C$5, on an even-money wager, like a red in Roulette, or the Pass Line in a Craps game.
  2. If you win the bet, your next wager remains the same, C$5.
  3. If you lose, you double the amount of your next bet, in this case, C$5 becomes C$10. When you once again win after losing a number of hands, your netwin will still be C$5 –in fact, each time you win, you will be up another C$5, no matter how much you may have lost.

Reasons to Only Use it Short-Term

The risk of the Martingale system is that enough losses will clean you out, and you will not be able to make the next bet as you can, or you may bump up against the limit set for the table. This is why keeping it short-term works, and we recommend using this method to place your bets for around an hour’s worth of play.

Increase Your Odds by Playing Better Games

The odds for American Roulette are not good, with the casino having an advantage of 5.3% over the player. You can greatly increase your chances of seeing a win by playing a game with a lower house advantage to begin with, and then applying the Martingale betting system for an hour. In this case, the European variation of Roulette is a good game, and Craps is also recommended, thanks mainly to the fact that it is so easy for players to learn how to play and make use of the Martingale system.

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