Online Casino Payout Ratio Explained

If you are wondering what does payout ratios mean in an online casino then read on, because this guide will explain this and more. Online casino payout ratios are the amounts paid out to the players in the form of winnings versus the amounts that have been bet at the online casinos over a specific period of time. These can be seen as the payout percentage in the case of online slot games or can be displayed as the amount that can be won on a specific game based on the initial bet. An example of this is a payout ratio of 5:1 which means for every one credit bet, five will be returned on a win.


In order to get the most out of playing at online casinos, you can look for those offering the best online casino payout ratios. In order to make the search easier for you, we have vetted the lot of them and list those offering good payout ratios and a host of other great features.

How Payout Ratios Are Calculated

In order to understand what does payout ratios mean in an online casino it is important to know that they are calculated by casino software. Online casinos use random number generators, which determine the outcome of every game. The trusted online casinos that come highly recommended for offering the best online casino payout ratios are rated on their software and its reliability in terms of producing fair outcomes. Random number generators are tested for fairness and reliability on a regular basis and receive certification if approved.

This information is typically published on online casinos or the sites dedicated to the software developer. Publishing the online casino payout ratios is important for players in determining whether a casino or any specific casino game is worth it as it can help ascertain whether the online casino complies with regular testing and dedication to fairness. Online casino payout ratios are typically around 85 percent to 98 percent. The higher the payout percentage, the better it obviously is. Online casinos have to make a profit, which is why the percentages will rarely, if ever, be 100 percent, but the highest percentages are the most lucrative and attractive.

Importance of Knowing Payout Ratios

Knowing what does payout ratios mean in an online casino is important and should be one of the factors taken into account when choosing the best online casino to play at. The other factors to consider include safety, bonus offers, banking options, game selection, customer support and more. There are various payout ratios at an online casino, which include the payout percentage for the casino as a whole and the payout per each individual casino game.

The casino payout percentage is calculated according to the overall payouts versus all wagers over a longer period of time while individual game payout ratios are calculated over shorter periods. The best online casino payout ratios provide evidence that players have a much bigger potential for winning as more money is given back.

There is however no guarantee that each player will receive that percentage back in relation to what he or she has individually bet. The amount can be paid out at any time and in any portion as determined by the random number generator. Individual casino game payout ratios are determined by the nature of the game, its betting limits, the size of the various prizes and all other factors associated with it.

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